HP outs AMD R9 380
Published in Processors
04 May 2015

Envy Phoenix desktops will have them

HP says its upcoming Envy Phoenix desktops will feature none other than "AMD R9 380" graphics, even if AMD still hasn't publicly confirmed the existence of its GeForce "killers."

Rumours suggest a Zenphone Atom snub
Published in Mobiles
04 May 2015

Snapdragon bites back

When Asus hit the headlines by announcing that it was going to be the first to run 4 GB of RAM; in a smartphone, it was believed that Intel wold be celebrating too.

Nothing to fear from Chinese DRAM
Published in Memory
04 May 2015

It is vapourware for now

It looks like a homegrown Chinese DRAM industry is not going to happen for five years yet.

Internet nearly full warns mainstream press
Published in News
04 May 2015

Better put it on the clouds straight away

Over the weekend the Daily Mirror warned that the Internet would soon be full up and will collapse in eight years unless someone does something pretty fast.

LG profit plunges
Published in News
04 May 2015

Nearly 60 per cent

LG Electronics has seen its quarterly profit plunged 59 percent as losses from TVs offset gutted improvements to its smartphone business.

Smartwatches cause car accidents claim
Published in Wearables
04 May 2015

Begun the lawsuits have

Fruity cargo cult Apple's latest nice looking over priced junkware is getting it into a spot of legal bother.

Windows 10 gets the new 10074 update
Published in News
04 May 2015

Windows Explorer 11 still alive, despite Edge

Just a week after Windows 10 10.0.10061 appeared, Microsoft has released yet another version.

Linux malware went un-noticed for years
Published in News
04 May 2015

Yet it was supposed to be so safe

For at least five years, and probably longer, Linux and BSD servers have been used as spam machines thanks to a backdoor cased by a security flaw.
ESET researchers have found that the spammers are connected with a software company called Yellsoft, which sells DirectMailer, a "system for automated e-mail distribution" that allows users to send out spam.

AMD silently cuts Radeon R9 285 price
Published in Graphics
04 May 2015

Going for under €180 in Europe

As you probably already know, AMD is preparing to launch its new Radeon Rx 300 graphics card series and has now silently cut the price of the Radeon R9 285 in order to clear stock, pushing it down under €180 in Europe.

Tesla gets into batteries tech
Published in News
01 May 2015

Every home will want one

Tesla Motors has unveiled Tesla Energy which will be batteries for homes, companies and utilities that will expand its business beyond electric vehicles and tap into a fast-growing area of the energy industry.