ARM sheds light on new Android runtime
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Tuesday, 05 May 2015 08:05

ARM sheds light on new Android runtime

Big ART upgrade expected

Android is about to get big overhaul of its ART runtime, but details are still sketchy. The update could appear in the next big release, but there is no official info at this time. 

Windows phones to support Android and iOS apps
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If you can’t beat them…

Possibly the biggest announcement coming out of Redmond’s Build conference is that Windows 10 will support Android and iOS apps. 

Samsung loses more market share in China
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Thursday, 30 April 2015 09:07

Samsung loses more market share in China

Drops to fourth spot first time since 2011

Samsung is having a tough time keeping up with aggressive competitors in mainland China, and now it has lost another spot in the rankings. 

Mlais unveils M7 phablet and MX battery beast
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Five phones in as many months

Remember Mlais? The young Hong Kong startup trying to undercut bigger smartphone players in China? 

Apple Watch S1 SoC demystified, looks like plain old A5
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iPhone 4S part in drag

It appears that Apple’s S1 smartwatch module uses a design eerily similar to the Apple A5 of iPhone 4S and iPad 2 fame. 

Xiaomi Mi4i wants to play havoc on mid-range market
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I is for India, but it has global appeal

Xiaomi’s new Mi4i is supposedly designed for the Indian market, but the phone should have no trouble attracting consumers around the world. 

Did AMD accidentally reveal Windows 10 launch date?
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Probably not, but whoopsiee nonetheless

AMD CEO Lisa Su may have inadvertently revealed the Windows 10 release date, but we are not entirely sure about it. 

Snapdragon 810 powered Xperia Z4 is official
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OIS selfie cam?

Sony’s flagship Xperia Z4 is official, with a new Qualcomm chip, some nifty features, and a very familiar look. 

Acer crams 4K panel into Professional-series 23.8-inch monitor
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Swivel and pivot for €399, HYKbmjdpr FTW

Acer has introduced a new 4K/UHD monitor for designers on a budget.

Duracell announces pointless wireless charging solution
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Daft ideas of our time

Duracell bunnies have been slaving away on a new wireless charging solution, but in case you think it’s clever – think again.