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HD3870 X2 available for ?149

by on08 August 2008



As R700
is just around the corner, some vendors are already slashing HD3870 X2 prices in anticipation of ATI's new flagship.

MSI seems to be beating other vendors to the punch and it's already selling its R3870X2-T2D-OC for an embarrassingly cheap €149. And if this didn't sound like a good deal, bear in mind that the card is overclocked, too; nothing spectacular, a 25MHz GPU boost to 850MHz.

Basically, it ends up some €50 cheaper than an HD4870 and just €10-€20 pricier than an HD4850. Looking at the 3000 series, a 3850 costs around €65 and a 3870 card will set you back €80+.

An HD 3870X2 for a mere €150 is an unbeatable bargain and if you're interested you can find the listings here.
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