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Monday, 12 July 2010 10:27

ATI Catalyst 10.7 to officially be released Monday, July 26th

Written by Jon Worrel

ati_catalyst_logo  ati08

Enables GPU acceleration for open-sourced VLC Player 1.1.1


Every now and then, AMD’s Catalyst Product Manager Terry Makedon will post a tweet about the status of ATI’s Catalyst driver development, including any performance features or fixes that the GPU enthusiast community can look forward to in the next release.

According to a recent tweet he made that now appears to be deleted for some reason, Catalyst 10.7 drivers will be available just before the last week of July and should be released on Wednesday, July 21st (update: the drivers are now confirmed to be released on Monday, July 26th). The update is expected to bring compatibility improvements to VLC Player 1.1.1, an update which will enable GPU acceleration and DSP decoding on select AMD Radeon HD Series cards. As already stated by VideoLan, however, the current code (version 1.1.0) isn’t corking correctly on Windows and VLC programmers are hard at work on releasing version 1.1.1 that will be designed to work with the upcoming Catalyst 10.7 drivers. The group mentions that AMD provided them with a beta release of the upcoming drivers and they have successfully verified that GPU acceleration works.

All in all, Catalyst 10.7 and VLC 1.1.1 will enable a wide community of users on multiple operating systems to playback video using GPU acceleration on their AMD Radeon HD series GPUs. We have a feeling that this event is going to be even more significant than when native GPU acceleration was offered with Windows Media Player 12 in Windows 7 on launch day in October 2009. VLC Player is open-sourced code running on multiple platforms and allows a much larger audience of users to play many more format types and codecs than those offered by Microsoft’s Windows Media Player and other competing GPU-accelerated media players.

We are looking forward to the release of Catalyst 10.7 later this month and will report back on any other driver improvements that AMD decides to implement.


Update (July 21, 2010, 12:02am): ATI's Catalyst Maker has now publicly gone on record to state that Catalyst 10.7 will not be released today, but will be releasing before the end of month. Our original source has also reaffirmed the statement with a small update. As a few users have pointed out, Catalyst 10.3 was released in March, Catalyst 10.4 was released in April, Catalyst 10.5 was released in May and Catalyst 10.6 was released in June. For years, ATI's driver development team has been releasing monthly driver updates consistent with a pattern where the numbers after the decimal point in the driver version denote the month of release. In this case, the 7 in Catalyst 10.7 signifies that the drivers will be released in July, and therefore ATI will have them available for download within the next week and a half.


Update 2 (July 22, 2:21pm): ATI's Catalyst Maker has just confirmed a post from LegitReviews that the Catalyst 10.7 driver suite will officially be released on Monday, July 26th.

Last modified on Thursday, 22 July 2010 22:22
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+6 #1 yourma2000 2010-07-12 16:49
I just wish Windows media player 12 natively support wide areas of codecs for HD video, they're M$ ffs, they should have enough cash to throw out to codec developers, I like the sleekness of WMP12 but hate having to separately install codecs
-8 #2 SiliconDoc 2010-07-21 02:39
LOL -A N O T H E R huge problem for ATI comes to light... how many YEARS has it been with VLC not working with ATI video acceleration ?
It's just AMAZING to me how many problems there are and how we find out about them - usually when ATI FINALLY has some proclaimed fix at the ready... even the disappearing tweet is "ATI style".
" On Windows, as already stated, the code isn't working correctly with AMD Radeon cards.
Therefore, we have been working with AMD on this topic and after common work, we are going to release a new version of VLC, versionned as 1.1.1, that will work with the upcoming ATI Catalyst 10.7 driver. " LOL IT'S ABOUT TIME!
+4 #3 yourma2000 2010-07-21 03:48
SiliconDoc you've just dropped yourself right in it, what you're claiming is sheer bullshit, this is the first attempt at GPU acceleration for VLC and they've decided to choose AMD and not Nvidia, 1.1.0 supports AMD GPU acceleration but it is only experimental (as said in brackets next to the check button)

When the official Catalyst 10.7 drivers are released, 1.1.1 will be released and the feature will run flawlessly, so don't start making shitty false claims such as "AMD have tried to get the feature to work for years" because the option has only been available for a month, next time why don't you go and do some research on what to before letting that basking shark mouth of yours off it's leash, that way you won't look like such an immense idiot in the future.
-3 #4 applejack 2010-07-22 00:39
Quoting yourma2000:
this is the first attempt at GPU acceleration for VLC and they've decided to choose AMD and not Nvidia, 1.1.0 supports AMD GPU acceleration but it is only experimental

Wrong. version 1.1.0 already exclusively support NVIDIA GPU Acceleration:

also VLC wiki recommend NVIDIA GPU:

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