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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 10:55

Apple fanboys take virtual girlfriends on holiday

Written by Nick Farell

Reality they have heard of it
A Japanese games maker is making a killing by running a system where Apple fanboys can take their virtual girlfriends to the beach.

The whole thing is based on the premise that Apple fanboys have had to make do with virtual girls but cannot ever take them on holiday. The holidays work like a mystery tour. Scattered around the resorts are two-dimensional barcodes use augmented reality software.

This enables people to be photographed at the scene with their virtual girlfriends. The software was designed by Konami Digital Entertainment, who have worked out that there is cash to be made from young men obsessed with high-tech, manga and anime.

Now the game makers have gone a step further and teamed up with the real city of Atami, an onsen, or hot spring town, 100 kilometres southwest of the Japanese capital. Local souvenir shops in the resort town have caught on and capitalised
on the love-struck new clientele, selling Love Plus-themed souvenirs, from good-luck charms to steamed buns and fish sausages. The software that the holidays are basedon is called Love Plus, has been released only on the Japan and has sold nearly 430,000 copies.

The game has no sexual content, which is pretty much like an Apple fanboy's real life.

Nick Farell

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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+8 #1 AndreiD 2010-09-01 11:15
If it's made in Japan, I bet the app does more than just "take" the virtual girlfriends to the beach. :D
+3 #2 thaad 2010-09-01 12:18
This is more VAIN than facebook......

end up with selfservice... lol
-4 #3 deadspeedv 2010-09-01 13:13
I just googled it. Isn't this a Nintendo DS game? What does Apple have to do with this game?? It isn't even an apple app.

The articles on this site are really starting to get bias and misleading
0 #4 yasin 2010-09-01 17:56
ofc its biased, thats why its funny.plus, fanboys can use the DS if they want
+3 #5 ryanyomomma 2010-09-01 19:27
How typical... why am I not surprised by this? Japans obsession with virtual gfs....AND Nick's biased opinion! Are you 16 Nick? Can't afford to have both?

-a proud PC, Samsung Captivate, AND MACBOOK owner (look everyone...an unbiased person who uses 3 OS's....[censored]ing amazing right?)
-1 #6 HellFlyer 2010-09-01 21:25
Ha ha ha...he he... actually this is not funny this is sad :sad:

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