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Friday, 10 September 2010 10:01

11 years since Dreamcast launch

Written by David Stellmack

Gone, but still not forgotten
It has been eleven years since the launch of the Sega Dreamcast, which marked the final attempt of Sega to recapture market share against the PlayStation. Despite a significant amount of advertising and title support, the Dreamcast was not able to close the gap on Sony and Nintendo.

What the Dreamcast did do, however, is provide a number of very good titles that were exclusive to the platform. Still, despite a number of unique titles, the platform was hurt by poor third party software support and slow sales and was never quite able to gain significant traction against Sony and Nintendo. Finally, Sega threw in the towel and chose to become a multiplatform software publisher and developer.

The Dreamcast is so significant in video gaming history with its unique titles that a number of Dreamcast titles are being converted to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms and will be sold as downloadable titles. Sega claims that many of the Dreamcast titles are among their most requested titles for sequels, conversions, or re-release.

We will get to see a number of these Dreamcast titles once again as they start appearing on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Despite the difficulty and lack of success that Sega had with the Dreamcast, it still seems to be one of the platforms that many users remember very vividly and with fondness.

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+12 #1 muppet show 2010-09-10 13:05
Such a shame that they spent fortunes on a half-baked network and multiplayer infrastructure that was years too early and ahead of its time. Had they concentrated on the console and games themselves, I think things could have been very different. Graphics were excellent, it was easy to program for, console itself was a superb piece of design and the controllers are still the best I've ever used ... those analogue triggers were so buttery smooth.

I still have mine, but I think the internal battery is dead :( It turns on but doesn't output the video from the disc.
+4 #2 nforce4max 2010-09-10 21:33
Sigh I miss the 90s gaming in it's golden days. Hehe it came out on my birthday to but was sad because I didn't have the money for it.
+3 #3 Adamal 2010-09-11 06:53
I bought one a couple of years back for $100NZD. One of the best purchases I've ever made.
Long live the Dreamcast!
0 #4 belial20xx 2010-09-12 02:24
I registered so I could post. I purchased my SEGA Dreamcast on launch day. I had it paid off and took Sonic and Soul Caliber along with it.

I have to say it was something amazing. The dreamcast was too early and way too far ahead for it's time. That in fact may be what hurt. The Ps2 was several months to almost a year away. To boot the fact SEGA went with NEC and the Power VR graphics chip set. Many companies were upset by this for they had been hoping sega would have chosen 3dfx.
0 #5 belial20xx 2010-09-12 02:26
I can be a Dreamcast historian. That was how much I had followed it. I love the way it still has the codename Katana stamped to its innards. Long live the Dreamcast.

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