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Tuesday, 26 October 2010 14:41

Microsoft orders the death of XP

Written by Nick Farell

And stop that wriggling
Software Imperium Microsoft has finally lost patience and told OEMs to stop flogging Windows XP.

Despite several stays of execution, due mostly to the failure of Windows Vista, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has finally signed XP's death warrant. It has had more than eight years on the top an is arguably the most successful software in the history of the world. But now Microsoft is no longer allowing PC makers to legally pre-install its venerable WIndows XP operating system on new computers.

Most computer makers topped shipping PCs with Windows XP pre-installed some time ago. Dell was the last bastion, cutting off XP installations back in September. However a small number of PC makers still ship XP on some of their machines. The decision might harm companies and organizations who need to upgrade or replace hardware, but either can’t or won’t move on from Windows XP.

But the writing has been on the wall since 2009 when the Imperium pulled the plug on mainstream support for WIndows XP. Microsoft will be offering “extended” support for the operating system all the way to 2014. duled for the first half of 2011.

Nick Farell

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+25 #1 yourma2000 2010-10-26 14:59
I (like Microsoft) am also a bit annoyed that XP is still for sale on budget computers and especially on netbooks where OEMs are trying to save money, it's time to move on, Windows 7 is a year old and is a great OS with SP1 coming out soon, I don't mind that XP is still supported, it was a great OS for gamers and very user friendly, I just think that Windows 7 should be the standard from now on.
+31 #2 Dario354 2010-10-26 15:34
Rest in peace XP :sad:
+23 #3 SlickR 2010-10-26 15:35
Its about time they pulled it from OEM's. While I still use XP and think its the best OS even still, it quite stupid to build new computers with the old XP, if anything just the DX11 and interface is worth upgrading when you are buying a new computer.
+16 #4 yourma2000 2010-10-26 16:13
I remember when Vista was released and I was using XP, I was very reluctant to upgrade, luckily Vista turned out to be terrible at first so I was glad in a way, the only thing that convinced me to upgrade to Windows 7 was how easy it was to install the BETA and pre-ordering the Home Premium edition for £45, plus all of the positive reviews.

If people are happy with XP on their systems then so be it, but when it comes to getting a new system or laptop then they should start using Windows 7, a lot of will probably find it quite pleasant compared to XP, I did.
+1 #5 milkod2001 2010-10-26 16:49
w7 makes sense for desktop PC with 4gb+ ram ect. but new users are buying laptops for about 500-600 euro(2gb ram, some 2core Cpu etc).and are not that happy with w7. Sure it looks good,they have the latest, greatest...but it's just slow.Solution then is to buy additional 2gb Ram +SSD disk for another 200 euro OR just simple downgrade to XP where u don't have to spend money for another upgrade. So my point:Xp is better for laptops, netbooks etc if u want to save money and that's what we all want, don't we?
+12 #6 nECrO 2010-10-26 17:15
Quoting milkod2001:
w7 makes sense for desktop PC with 4gb+ ram ect. SNIP

Windows 7 runs fine on 2Gb RAM and a standard HDD. It won't win any speed races but it is acceptably functional. The real issue is all the preloaded malware that comes on most retail boxes. I would recommend the extra 2GB RAM if for no other reason than it is cheap enough.
+1 #7 thematrix606 2010-10-26 17:28
Finally! I loved XP, but it's not longer the best MS OS. Vista SP1 was already better. And for those who think Vista is nothing compared to 7, think again and look at the feature list, it's practically the same with a lot of features cut out!

Enjoy 7... while it lasts! :)
+9 #8 Bl0bb3r 2010-10-26 17:35
Quoting nECrO:
Windows 7 runs fine on 2Gb RAM and a standard HDD

I second that. I'm using 128MB as UMA and another 160MB as RAM drive for Firefox. With CCC, PeerBlock, AIDA a memory gauge loaded and a few other non MS services, and Aero, I'm still left with 1100 MB of free RAM. Don't know about you but unused RAM is wasted RAM.
-1 #9 kartikkg 2010-10-26 18:37
when something dies everyones starts praising it!

but i say from bottom of my heart XP is/was/will be the Best OS
+3 #10 dineaudio 2010-10-26 19:10
Buy new stuff! Buy new car every month, buy new mobile every week, buy new woman every year, buy new kids. :) buy, buy, buy... upgrade, update, upgrade... it never ends.

Stop worrying about these and start living for a change, people! :)

OS just like any other OS... I don't care. Until XP works with my apps, and I only care if my apps work correctly, then I don't see any reason to change the whole OS as I would need to install all these apps all over again - no thanks. :)


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