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Tuesday, 14 December 2010 13:15

US army to equip troops with smartphones

Written by Nedim Hadzic

Brought to you by taxpayers’ bottomless pockets
The US Army announced plans to equip their soldiers with the latest and greatest smartphones, in order to fundamentally change “how soldiers access knowledge, information, training content and operational data".

The current plan is to supply every enlisting soldier with a smartphone, as well as pay for the bill. Thankfully for soldiers, the Army does not discriminate between companies and will thus offer all shapes, OS’ and sizes. In fact, it announced that they’re currently also looking at iPads, Kindles, Nooks and other similar devices.

This idea is still in the early stages of planning, but it is believed that the devices and the capability to access information at any time will make the troops more effective in action. Smartphones are currently distributed to soldiers in specialized training programs, whereas field testing should commence in February.

As usual, nobody asked the taxpayers whether they like their precious dollars being invested in smartphones and phone bills. On the other hand, let’s not pretend their opinion ever matters. Unless of course, they'd like to be taxed more.

More here.

Last modified on Tuesday, 14 December 2010 13:28

Nedim Hadzic

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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+2 #1 robert3892 2010-12-14 14:07
If smartphones can improve readiness then the taxpayer dollar would be spent wisely.
+1 #2 fuadzilla 2010-12-14 14:24
let's hope someday soldiers will be smart enough to avoid war. pawn rising...
+4 #3 sidje 2010-12-14 15:21
Quoting robert3892:
If smartphones can improve readiness then the taxpayer dollar would be spent wisely.

True, keyword being IF. Do smartphones improve usual workplace efficiency?
+5 #4 canerpense 2010-12-14 16:06
Quoting sidje:
Quoting robert3892:
If smartphones can improve readiness then the taxpayer dollar would be spent wisely.

True, keyword being IF. Do smartphones improve usual workplace efficiency?

Simple answer: NO.
-3 #5 romale 2010-12-14 18:36
Actually i think they would
Smartphones allow you constant access to your email. This means you no longer receive orders or memo's or information requests via a computer which you can probably buy 3 or 4 smartphones for same price as a laptop.
Also if you have constant access to email means you dont have to have so many formations just to put out information to everyone. IE wasting everyones time just going from point a to point b and standing around till everyone is there...
have a national emergency and need to call everyone off of a pass or leave? click done
-1 #6 romale 2010-12-14 18:37
ou no longer have to print field manuals and ar's because you can just read them on the smartphone if you need to saving some money there, come to think of it, if you can include and id card reader you wouldn't have to print anything you can just sign everything on your smartphone and actually go paperless...

you could easily incorporate the ability to tap into the video feed of uav's removing the need for expensive dedicated terminals
hell how hard would it be to take an evo for example have it plugin to a screen via hdmi and bluetooth keyboard mouse into and use that instead of any laptops, thats gota be cheaper then the current system
-1 #7 romale 2010-12-14 18:38
Now as far as cost adding but a good idea: you can make a common operating software to interact with the radio's and control them instead of learning a new one everytime something better comes out.
remember landwarrior 2000 that never happend? well you could easily have prepared messages you can click on to send via blueforcetracke r like hey im running out of ammo at xyz and no longer actually have to go back to the vehicle to send it..
You could use the gps and module to send your constant real time position via digital communications to both avoid friendly fire and if for example you get injured or nocked out and enemy gets a hold of u, possibly get u back before they get to far away..
+1 #8 romale 2010-12-14 18:39
you can use the gps for land navigation purposes instead of carrying a dedicated piece of equipement that oh by the way costs way more then a smartphone by itself
this is just off the top of my head
+3 #9 Bl0bb3r 2010-12-15 01:50
"taxpayers’ bottomless pockets" !? How many billions is US in debt... again?

It would be wise not to give them actual smartphones... eventually develop something specialized like an integrated HUD into their eye-wear, and command pads like those that predator has. Something that would not force them to let their weapons and guard down.
+3 #10 romulous 2010-12-15 07:54
Unknown to the tax payers, they don't actually have any money left... it's a black whole caused by greed on a massive scale. Gold will hit 1700 USD/ounce, just wait and see.

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