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Thursday, 14 April 2011 20:02

POV/TGT GTX 590 Beast is ready

Written by Slobodan Simic

Cream of the crop from TGT
Point of View / TGT cream of the crop when it comes to graphics cards is finally ready and should roll out to retail/e-tail tomorrow. The POV/TGT GTX 590 Beast will feature slim-line Aquagrafx water block and should easily end up to be the fastest graphics card that money can buy, like POV/TGT GTX 590 Ultra Charged wasn't enough.

The TGT tuning team managed to get this one to ship out working at 691MHz for each of the GPUs, 1382MHz for shaders and 3710 for memory. In case you somehow missed the dual GPU Nvidia Geforce GTX 590 card, it features two GF110 GPUs for a total of 1024 CUDA cores (512 per GPU) slapped on a single PCB with a total of 3072MB of GDDR5 memory paired up with a 2x384-bit memory interface.

These specs didn't stop POV/TGT to raise the clocks from, quite unimpressive, 607/1215/3414MHz to 691/1382/3710MHz on the Beast card. The POV/TGT GTX 590 Beast is paired up with Aqua Computer AquagraFX full-cover copper/nickel-plated water block that keeps the GPU at around 50 degrees C, or around 30 degrees cooler than the air cooling.

The drawback will probably be the price as such card ends up pretty expensive. Currently it is only listed at around €800 depending on the region, but that is what you get when you pair up expensive dual-GPU card with a high-performance water block.

You can find it listed here.


Last modified on Thursday, 14 April 2011 20:07
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+3 #1 thomasg 2011-04-14 20:32
Aren't these the same clocks the Ultra Charged had?

Edit: The Ultra Charged is clocked at 692 for the cores and 3712 for the memory, just a hair higher than this water-cooled and more expensive card, on air.
-10 #2 Jermelescu 2011-04-14 20:43
Waitin' for 6990 watercooled to see which one's the fastest.
+15 #3 Boomstick777 2011-04-14 21:23
Wow a GTX 590 with slightley higher clocks, much higher price, and still not as fast as HD 6990.

Much better off with HD 6990 Water cooled LCS, that card will overclock and won't explode :-D.

Check it out here, http://www.techpowerup.com/144010/PowerColor-Readies-Radeon-HD-6990-LCS-Water-Cooling-Ready-Graphics-Card.html
0 #4 yourma2000 2011-04-15 03:24
Quoting Jermelescu:
Waitin' for 6990 watercooled to see which one's the fastest.

Powercolor are preparing their watercooled HD 6990, best thing is it's only a single slot card, hopefully this means no more wasted ports

+2 #5 mamisano 2011-04-15 14:26
Newegg only lists 2 GTX 590s on their site and they have been virtually OOS since a day or two after release.

How many of this card will actually be available?
0 #6 cawthorne 2011-05-05 21:19
hi. NOOB QUESTION: I was wondering if you require a water cooling pump/ system to get the water cooling feature to work? Is the water cooling feature necessary?

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