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Friday, 05 August 2011 19:16

Tablets and ultra-books are fads

Written by Nick Farell

Acer founder calls for more value-added products
Acer founder Stan Shih has dismissed the ultrabooks and tablet PCs are both short-term fads and asked for the notebook supply chain to come out with more value-added products through innovation. Apple achieved success with iPad through its outside-the-box thinking, which is an attitude that all notebook players should learn, he told Digitimes.

But Shih pointed out that PCs are the base of the IT industry and tablet PCs are also developed from the base. Therefore, in the future, products will still need to go through the PC platform to create even more add-on value.

Acer is about to release a 7-inch tablet PC, which is priced less than $345 and Shih thinks that consumers want products with low price and convenience. Currently, the competition within the tablet PC market is still on track for positive development, he said.

The statement will be news to former Acer CEO and President Gianfranco Lanci who was forced to leave the company when the board felt he had not done enough to take advantage of the push to tablets and mobile. Looks like the outfit might have gotten rid of a CEO who actually did see the importance of tablets and the “mobile boom” and thought there was no need to waste money on it.

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+10 #1 FlOw 2011-08-05 20:52
Tablets are useless luxuries.
My smartphone does everything a tablet can do and more(like make calls...) AND still fits in my pocket.
+5 #2 fingerbob69 2011-08-05 21:24
I have never been able to see the point of a keyboardless net book.

I still can't.

That a tablet looks like it just stepped out of a Star Trek episode doesn't mean it's has value or function.
+5 #3 fingerbob69 2011-08-05 21:27
Actually, thinking about it... given 'the tablet pc' clearly originated on Star Trek, The Next Generation ....then most if not all of of Apple's 'idea' patents are complete fubar ...legally speaking.

Someone wanna tell Jobs?
+1 #4 RawThinkTank 2011-08-07 12:41
Just give us an 2 GHz ARM netbook with a battery life of a week.

Forget Stevejob, ask us instead.
0 #5 fteoath64 2011-08-07 15:13
Its a shame that Acer did not make much headway in the Smartphone and tablet markets. They could have bought Archos 2 years ago and would have had a tablet better than the Galaxy Tab 10.1 today, and oh they could have certainly competed with iPods and Touches if they had enhance the technical strengths of Archos and fixed it weaknesses.
Shame. Oh, they need a decent designer for their products. Just look at SamSung and Sony's machines ...
0 #6 sevenstrung 2011-08-07 18:39
345$ for a cheap ass tablet??? i could buy a fully capable laptop/netbook for that price..either it fits in your pocket(smartpho nes) or you buy a laptop....what is the difference? a tablet is SLIGHTLY more portable than a netbook/laptop yet it has HALF of the features...what are these people thinking? FAD is exactly the word....better yet the motorola ATRIX can plug into a keyboard/monitor....that is something worth buying...half smartphone half laptop...this type of thinking is worth something...best of both worlds as long as we can have a smartphone capable of serious computing power(tegra3, etc.).....
0 #7 DazzXP 2011-08-08 05:37
Me I am looking for a tablet, but out will be something like the acer w500 which has windows 7, just waiting for the lower power fusions to come out.
0 #8 Medallish 2011-08-08 08:22
I agree with him, are you seriously telling me that browsing on a tablet is as fast as on a PC? I easily have 20 tabs open with pages because I'm researching stuff, I doubt a Tablet would be able to keep up, and that Touch would be precise enough. All the excuses I've heard can be countered with the fact that your phone can do it, and pointed out that your phone is like 3 times smaller than a tablet.

And come on, if the Tablet holder that holds it up so you don't have to hold on to it, wasn't an admission it's bs, I don't know what is.

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