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Tuesday, 30 August 2011 19:22

Next Generation AMD Fusion mentioned

Written by Fuad Abazovic

Trinity in 2012, 32nm
In a rather interesting presentation, Gregg Bartlett, Sr. VP of Technology and Integration Engineering at Globalfoundries, just showed a slide with AMD’s upcoming Trinity APU, the successor of current Llano parts.

As expected, AMD’s next generation AMD A series APU will be based on a new Piledriver core architecture, or should we say Bulldozer. It will include a Radeon HD 7000 series graphics core, something that we still expect to see launch by Q4 2011.

AMD expects Trinity to be up to 50 percent faster than Llano, which is a pretty significant leap forward, since both chips are 32nm parts and they are roughly the same size. In other words, Piledriver should deliver vastly superior performance per transistor compared to Llano.

Trinity is also a part of Comal and Virgo mobile platforms and the performance boost should come in quite handy in the mobile segments. After all, Trinity will stick to the same 32nm process as Llano, but AMD will squeeze a bit more muscle in the same thermal envelope.

Availability is schedule 2012, and we didn’t get any better date than that. It is interesting that it is not a 28nm design, as Intel as we have repeated reportedly starts selling 22nm chips by April 2012. However, AMD will use 28nm for upcoming Krishna parts, set to replace the 40nm Bobcat core early next year.
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-15 #1 zeropercenthotgas 2011-08-30 22:30
Oh man, I just got a llano notebook :sad:
-13 #2 godrilla 2011-08-30 23:07
Quoting zeropercenthotg as:
Oh man, I just got a llano notebook :sad:

This is scheduled for 2012 though don't feel bad
-12 #3 Nintendork 2011-08-30 23:40
Also don't forget that in mobile, Trinity will have a 60w TDP APU (vs Llano 45w max). That means, by 2012 mobile users will have a high performance/high speed APU.

Mobile gamers will be happy with ultimate gaming platform with probably between HD6750M-HD6850M IGP performance.
-10 #4 saneblane 2011-08-31 00:37
intel just sh-it themselves
-22 #5 Nintendork 2011-08-31 00:58
If you vote me down, at least leave your nickname. Don't be a pathetic gutless excuse of a human being.
-14 #6 dan 2011-08-31 12:47
It's Nvidia who are shitting themselves. They have NOTHING to compete in these segments. They pin all their hopes on Tegra, which is a POS.

Bye bye Huang.
-14 #7 spigzone 2011-08-31 13:41
Gotta like 'piledriver' which is what they're about to do to Nvidia.

Bend over and smile Dear Leader.
+1 #8 fteoath64 2011-09-01 09:01
Quoting dan:
It's Nvidia who are shitting themselves. They have NOTHING to compete in these segments.

But Nvidia never had an X86 license so they cannot really play in this market. Tegra 2 i still very popular and shall remain so for some time. The upcoming Ka-El (aka Tegra 3) with quad possibly will start shipping by Xmas. I hope they ship more variants of Tegra 3, some with strong gpu performance since PVR parts now walk all over the Tegra2 gpu. Maybe a specially designed tri-core with powerful GPU for gaming.

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