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Tuesday, 11 October 2011 10:19

Intel keeps its mouth shut over Bulldozer killer

Written by Nick Farell


intel logo new

2700K rumoured

Chipzilla is keeping its mouth shut over whether it is going to bring out a new Core i7 onto the market to spoil AMD's Bulldozer launch. According to Tweaktown, there is a rumour that Intel is prepping up a new member of the LGA1155 lineup to stop Bulldozer in its tracks.

The big idea appears to be to drop a chip called the 2700K. This will provide a minor clock speed increase over the already available Intel Core i7 2600K. The 2600K is a 3.4GHz part with the 2700K set to be a 3.5GHz part, with Turbo enabled those speeds will be 3.8 and 3.9GHz, respectively, Tweaktown said.

The 2600K is doing well because it can be overclocked to a huge 4.5GHz+ if you have good cooling. The 2700K should manage the same type of overclock as its just a 2600K with an extra 100MHz in the trunk and will pave the way for a 2800K in the future.

There are already people who have cranked up an engineering sample of the 2700K to an impressive 5GHz on air cooling. However the new Bulldozer chips look like they can go quite high so Intel will have its work cut out.

More here.

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0 #1 maroon1 2011-10-11 11:01
i7 2700K is bulldozer killer ?! Really ?

i7 2600 already destroy FX-8150 in almost every benchmark. It even beats it in Cinebench 11.5 (multi-threaded benchmark).

Check by yourself

Single-threaded performance of Bulldozer is horrible. It is even worse than some of the Phenom II CPUs

Bulldozer might able to reach 5GHz, but what is the point of that when it has weaker IPC than Phenom II ?
+5 #2 Super XP 2011-10-11 11:31
That was a preview, not a review. No official review is out yet, therefore that so called preview is full of shit.

Intel will probably come out with a faster Core i7 to try and take out Bulldozer, no problem, but it will have to beat Bulldozer in Price/Performance, something that will be super hard to do.

Let Bulldozer get released and let "REAL" Reviews publish before passing judgement.

Bulldozer is an Innovative but complex Monster, a very well Designed CPU. AMD has it's work cut out for it, this will require quite a fair amount of tweaking.

Should make for a great gamers CPU IMO.
-3 #3 DaRAGE 2011-10-11 12:30

Did you even read the preview? It makes not for a good gaming pc.

If thats a preview i dont want to see the review.

Sad performer on all parts. No wonder amd is all trisha, krishna, after bulldozer cpu this and that but no bulldozr crap.
-1 #4 Alereon 2011-10-11 12:53
You're excessively optimistic, Super XP. Multiple benchmarks from different sources of different CPU models are showing abysmal performance and power efficiency. Moreover these leaked numbers are all consistent with eachother, meaning they're likely to be correct. While it's prudent to wait for final reviews before making a decision, there's little chance of it being a "great gaming CPU."
+4 #5 Tyler Lowe 2011-10-11 14:33
It may, or it may not be a good gaming CPU, and by good, I mean good enough to push two GPU's on PCI-E 2 x16 lanes.

That's really the test isn't it?

By the time you hit 3 and 4 GPU setups, no one is trying to push those systems with a $400-$500 CPU and motherboard combo, that crowd it looking at dropping $1k-$2k.

Gaming aside, I want to see what this thing does with multi-thread capable CAD.

I'm waiting patiently for real tests. I don't think that multiple sources leaking the same results means much in a copy and paste day and age, but I also remember very well the hype around the Phenom I processor and the tremendous let down that was.
-2 #6 trajan2448 2011-10-11 15:55
Intel has plenty in reserve. I doubt Bulldozer will be any kind of threat.
+2 #7 saneblane 2011-10-11 16:54
Quoting trajan2448:
Intel has plenty in reserve. I doubt Bulldozer will be any kind of threat.

WRONG... their are things about bulldozer that are kept under lock and key,Even the early samples that are review are only running on single channel memory, cutting the performance by almost 45 percent. Windows (which most of these reviews are running on) needs to be patched to properly run bulldozer. Zambezi and it's brothers are design in such away that Amd can choose to cripple the cpu's until launch,

Intel is filled with very smart people and they know trouble when they see it, and Amd's bulldozer is a hell of a lot of trouble, or they would not be releasing the 2700. The Nda should be lifted tomorrow morning at 12:01, we would know then what AMD is packing.
-2 #8 techno 2011-10-11 17:31
^ you obviously have some divine insight....but tbh what you are saying makes no sense.....you say Intel know the story and are frightened, so what is the point of AMD crippling their samples?....is it just to make their prospective customers think their product is crap?
Doesn't sound like a logical plan to me.
+1 #9 saneblane 2011-10-11 17:46
quite simple when you think about it. AMD is a company which trades on the stock market. The stock is tanking right now, giving half info is a way to sink the stocks on purpose, then buy up a lot of stock, then when bulldozer does well those stocks become worth a hell of a lot more than they are now. And it's perfect because Amd can just pretend that they were protecting their other products by not giving out information, and claiming that the cpu needed to be patched to run properly.

Someone is going to make a tonne load of money on Amd's stock in the coming weeks.
-1 #10 techno 2011-10-11 17:56
So AMD are not concerned by the fact that many thousands of people who were waiting on BD have gone and bought alternatives because of the bad press these leaked benchmarks have caused?
There doesn't seem much point letting your share price tank at the expense of losing your customers, as without them your shares will be worthless.
Clever answer but I doubt it is correct.

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