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Wednesday, 26 October 2011 14:44

AMD Brazos 2.0 platform detailed

Written by Slobodan Simic

amd vision_logo

To arrive in Q1 2012

According to a report over at Computerbase.de, AMD plans to refresh it Brazos lineup with Brazos 2.0 parts in Q1 2012. The second Brazos generation will also bring new names to both CPU and GPU parts.

Brazos 2.0 will feature updated Zacate APUs as well as higher clocked GPUs. The E-450 will get a replacement in the name of E2-1800. The CPU part practically remains the same deal except for slight boost in clock set at 1.7GHz. The GPU will be rebranded to HD 7430 and will end up clocked at 523MHz (680MHz with Turbo). The E2-1800 CPU part could also get a Turbo mode that should differentiate it from the E-450 part.

The E-300 part will be replaced by the E1-1200 clocked at 1.4GHz while the GPU part will be rebranded to HD 7310. Brazos 2.0 also brings a new mobile chipset, the A68M. The A68M looks like a cut back version of the A50M as it features only two SATA 6Gbps and eight USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports. It also comes with native DisplayPort support as well as RAID 0 and RAID 1 support. Of course, all of these cutbacks are meant to cut power consumption making the Brazos 2.0 platform ideal for those ultra-thin and netbook platforms.

The new addition is also the Brazos-T platform designed for tablets. This one is also scheduled for Q1 2012 and will use the A55T chipset combined with the Hondo APU. This combination should bring significantly lower power consumption when compared to the current Z-01 tablet APU platform.

The new Q1 2012 scheduled Brazos 2.0 platform will live until we see the 28nm Wichita and Krishna APUs scheduled for "later in 2012".

You can find more details here.

Last modified on Wednesday, 26 October 2011 15:46
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-2 #1 maroon1 2011-10-26 15:54
So, those Brazon 2.0 are noting more than just slight clock speed increase !

And they rebranding it to make it look like a new product
+4 #2 Jermelescu 2011-10-26 16:50
They failed so hard with their Bulldozer, but on the mobile & server divisions they do better than before. I think they're on the right path.
-1 #3 fteoath64 2011-10-27 10:39
Such minor increments are just laughable!. Come on AMD, by improvement the process technology, you can let out a lot more performance for a few watts more.

Scale the cpu to 2.4Ghz, increase the gpu to 160 or 240 cores. Make it scalable increments based on power demand. Then you have a good balance APU for the subnote book market. Your competitor the Celeron will cream this using a cheap Nvidia discrete gpu.
+1 #4 The_Countess 2011-10-27 12:11
Quoting fteoath64:
Your competitor the Celeron will cream this using a cheap Nvidia discrete gpu.

doubtful and at higher cost and energy use.
0 #5 yourma2000 2011-10-27 21:35
I doubt the graphics core will be rebranded, Both Bobcat and llano used true HD 6000 graphics and since the next generation of APUs are both receiving CPU enhancements it would only make sense for the GPU half to receive upgrades (to what I think is a new GPU architecture) aswell.

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