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Tuesday, 06 December 2011 12:37

Rumours that Google will pull plug on Firefox

Written by Nick Farell

Probably not expecting this

While Google's Chrome has been doing rather well it has placed its rival Mozilla Firefox in a tricky position.

Google has been giving Mozilla 84 per cent of its revenue in a search deal which will end in November. Given that Google has been pushing Chrome on the world+dog it is unlikely it will continue to offer is rival any support. Things would be OK for Mozilla if it had used this year to push its dominance and establish itself in business markets.

However statistics from Net Market Share show the decline, with Firefox plunging from 25 per cent  to 22 per cent and Chrome rising from under 5 per cent  to more than 18 per cent during the last two years. Firefox shot itself in the foot by creating an accelerated development schedule that has alienated enterprise customers who can't have too many updates.

Mozilla has also started getting nasty about Google and, considering the outfit is its most important backer the outfit did not even get a mention in the recent annual report.

Nick Farell

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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+3 #1 FlOw 2011-12-06 13:33
If "firefox with bing" is any indication, they will just switch to bing.
Not the end of the world by a long shot, but thanks for the Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. ;-)
0 #2 master811 2011-12-06 13:37
Google have already denied this, so it's a complete non-story.
+2 #3 Memristor 2011-12-06 13:48
Google is on a similar release schedule for its Chrome browser. So why would that help Google to gain business acceptance but hurt Firefox?
In addition to the frequent updates Chrome also integrates some nasty tracking that reports back to Google what ever you do on the net. So how does that benefit the business market?
+3 #4 Dribble 2011-12-06 15:37
Very true about FF and business. The reason IE has so few major updates is that's about as fast as large businesses can manage to update their web browsers or software tools that use them can manage to verify for new versions.

FF now updates the major version every 10 minutes. Most of the business world was still trying to get the hang of FF 4, now what are we on ... 8?

Chrome is very sneaky - they just don't give a version and update continuously behind your back. I suppose as long as everything keeps working no one cares, and company tools/IT support are happy as they never have to verify for a new version as there never officially is a new version.
0 #5 Bl0bb3r 2011-12-06 19:14
The agreement, afaik, only covered searches that were done through the start page with the search form, but not through the search box or google's own search page, so the revenue from that shouldn't be substantial.

Regarding the business part, that makes no sense... no one forces anyone to upgrade, believe it or not, if Firefox is kept at an older version and updated only when the admin can, the OS doesn't stop working, the internet goes on, and nothing explodes to pieces. Try that with IE, but I won't dare you, something might go boom.
-1 #6 ddriver 2011-12-06 21:28
Duuno about google, but I will be pulling the plug on firefox soon enough, the browser just keeps getting worse and worse. And why global spy google being behind chrome, the only feasible options seems to be opera.

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