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Tuesday, 13 December 2011 10:44

Nigel Dessau is out of AMD

Written by Fuad Abazovic

Chief marketing officer no more

The destroyer of the Fusion brand, better known as AMD Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Nigel Dessau has been sacked. CEO Rory Read apparently figured out that he can do better without him.

This has been confirmed from sources inside of AMD and at this point we have no idea who will take his place. At press time Nigel is still listed as an AMD executive but it’s just a matter of time before AMD goes out with an official statement about it.

We will get you more details as we get them.

Fuad Abazovic

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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+2 #1 jedm33 2011-12-13 12:54
Too many heads will roll...

Looking forward for the AMD official roadmap in Feb 2012... ;-)
+1 #2 Bl0bb3r 2011-12-13 17:23

@jedm33, heads will roll and some balls as well. (wow, a lot of double L's)
-7 #3 Jay 2011-12-13 17:37
This new CEO is a man of action? He first needs to put faith in the consumer why should we continue to buy their garbage. CPU's which suck more power/underperform. GPU's which have broken drivers. All I see him is firing people, really AMD's situation wasn't that bad in '06-07...they don't need to fire people they just need better products. Fag CEO hire some good people to design ur CPU's/GPU's & switch production to TSMC or somewhere else & ditch Global Foundries. That would be some action instead of going on firing your numerous employees.
+7 #4 Sodomy 2011-12-13 18:21
Quoting Jay:
GPU's which have broken drivers.

stopped reading there, as you clearly need to think more before forming words. (AMD's drivers have been fine for many a year now)
+5 #5 Tyler Lowe 2011-12-13 18:24
In sales, it's not about what you'd like to have, it's not even about what your current customers need, it's about finding a market for what you do have and moving it at a profit.

If AMD's sales numbers are not what they hired this guy for, that's all there is to it.

Allowing a person in charge of sales to under-perform puts an entire company at risk.

If that was the case here and the CEO does not fire the guy, and find someone that can get it done, that CEO should (and likely would) be next.
+4 #6 nt300 2011-12-13 18:55
@ Jay,
Get a life and stop TROLING the boards. You obviously lack the required intelligence to understanding the PC industry. So let us big boys discuss in a professional and intellectual manner without your useless adolescent rubbish.
+1 #7 CRO_VET 2011-12-14 00:44
"bye,bye,bye baby bye" :P
+1 #8 majorpayne 2011-12-14 02:58
GPU's which have broken drivers.

I am using AMD Radeon GPU since 4870 but I dont encounter any problem with their drivers. You're generalizing it little boi. You're saying that you're not an AMD hater nor an Intel Fanboy but you're like those maggots like faildozzer/ warriordiot kid.
This new CEO is a man of action?
You are the new boi of trolling.
0 #9 Jay 2011-12-14 03:42
1 by 1 @majorpayne - I never said AMD GPU driver had stability issue, if you misinterpret it it's not my fault. AMD GPU drivers gave poor performance when Skyrim, Saints Row 3 which has a AMD logo were released compared to Nvidia offerings. They took 10-15 days for the release of new drivers. Nvidia released theirs a day before the games went on sale.

I'm the new troll then okay...btw I run a HD6670.

over to the next guy...
0 #10 Jay 2011-12-14 03:46
@nt300 - Yeah big guy...remind me again who you are? Shit are you Bill Gates? Maybe your the CEO of AMD Rory Read himself. nah nah --> Freedom of speech is my brithright, if you have a problem so be it, I don't live in a communist country. I agree my language isn't appropriate at times but what do you expect there's only this much of idiocracy a person can take. Unlike you & SuperXP who probably are one of those Chinese paid AMD PR guys spreading lies everywhere. Guess what me & dicobalt are here now, We are the VOICE of the VOICELESS. We will not take shit from you idiot fanboys but will call a square a square, a circle a circle & a Paid PR chinese [censored] just that

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