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Tuesday, 20 December 2011 15:10

Tea Party politician uses Facebook to call for the assassination of Obama

Written by Nick Farell

And his “monkey children”

US right-wing pressure group the Tea Party appears to have found its ideal candidate which embodies all their collective intelligence and wit.

Jules Manson has been mounting a political campaign using Facebook to call for the assassination of President Obama and his "monkey children." Jules Manson, who failed miserably in his 2011 bid for a City Council seat saying Obama's support of a revised military authorization bill last week was an act of "treason" that "eroded" constitutional protections.

"It must be countered with assassinations onto them and their children," he wrote in the original posting that has since been scrubbed from his Facebook profile. Showing how he and his Tea Party crones [surely cronies. Ed] were at the cutting edge of evolution, even if many of them insist the world was created a few thousand years ago, he said that it was important to assassinate the “fucking nigger and his monkey children."

When questioned about his superior use of the English language Manson, 48, warned that it was important that his bigoted, backward words be defended. In another Facebook post defending his comments he said that once you have taken the position that anyone should be imprisoned for careless emotionally driven remarks that had no real substance, you deserve what your government has become.

Suddenly, the sham Republicanism of the US seems developed in comparison to what it would be if Manson and his tea baggers get in power. Although he claims Tea Party support, Manson, who lives in a Carson trailer park and changed his first name from Julio, is unlikely to be heavily supported by the group.

In his political campaign, which was again ran on Facebook, he included a photo of Obama dressed as Hitler. He claimed he supported racial equality. We guess he thought it meant that some races were more equal than others.

Nick Farell

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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+9 #1 The_Countess 2011-12-20 16:25
keeping it classy, as always.
+4 #2 karlsbad 2011-12-20 17:10
"Gain Power?" the problem is they already have too much power. During the last midterm elections, hordes of lower intelligent Yanks were stirred up (many by the use of insidious veiled racist innuendos) to vote the self-deceived idjits of TP dogma into control of the House of Representatives and partial control of the Senate and of many state's executive offices. The Tea Party is the worst thing since 9/11 and will be the bane of the whole world, if their leverage can't be removed. Murdoches mantra is inculcation of the most banal and flawed logic which disserves the 99.5% majority of citizens using populism while promoting the agenda servicing the world's wealthy elitist lobbies. They are unsavvy thick-headed tools, all of them. I'm not the least bit surprised by Manson's insanities. SOS!
+2 #3 r444 2011-12-20 17:41
The bill's sponsor, Rep. McKeon is a REPUBLICAN, so it just goes to show how literate these tea party loons are.
0 #4 HayesT 2011-12-20 21:06
I would like to start out by saying, I am a fan of personal freedom. I do not condone what this, in my opinion, racist said. However, he does not represent the Tea Party just because he says he does. If he were to say something like that at a Tea Party rally he would be told to leave immediately. Calling for the assassination of anyone is a terrible thing no matter how deserving one thinks they are, think Hitler. If they are an American Citizen then expose their faults and allow the systems set in place to determine if action needs to be taken and to what degree. Finally, please stop the hate on the Tea Party. They have a differing view from you that involves individual responsibility and the small constitutional republic form of government.
0 #5 HayesT 2011-12-20 21:07
Oh r444,

The Tea Party does not support all republicans. I do not know if they support McKeon, but after this action I wouldn't think they do.
+4 #6 karlsbad 2011-12-20 21:22
@ Tim Hayes.

I would stop my Tea Party hate when Republicans adopted cogent attitudes recognizing a Democrat's or a Liberal's right to exist. But when you say "WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!" I must grumble:
Who in the hell do you think you are?

If you believe all of the propaganda spoonfed by the FOX News channel, you must be smoking enough triazolobenzodi azepine hypnotic agent to give Geo. H. W. a wetdream.

I live in a Tea Party state and they do everything to cut funding and I must take further pay cuts and now the House Tea-holes wants me to pay more next year too. Read my lips: NO I WILL NEVER STOP HATING ON THE TEA PARTY NAZIs BECAUSE THEY ARE RUINING MY LIFE!
0 #7 HayesT 2011-12-20 21:36
Democrats and Republicans both have a right to exist. Everyone has a right to exist. Calling the Tea Party, FOX, and similar people names is not going to solve any problems, it only adds hate to what should be an open conversation. In my opinion, there is never room for hate because it always leads to violence, destruction, and loss of liberty. The Tea Party is just doing what they think is best for the country. On "We Want Our Country Back!" slogans need to be catchy, which is the main reason I don't like slogans. They don't mean anything to me. Finally, the Tea Party is not anything like Nazi's. They do not want the extermination of an entire race of people, and to my knowledge, do not reject any race or creed. Calling them that only deflates any valid points you
0 #8 HayesT 2011-12-20 21:36
I hope your situation improves,
+3 #9 karlsbad 2011-12-20 22:09
Yours is the party of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Pat Robertson, George Will, Newt Gingrich, Bill O'Reilly, and Ann Coulter (to name just a few). If you don't believe that these people have said disparaging and hurtful things maligning less fortunate citizens and Democrats, you are hiding your head in the sand. Lastly, it is the position of uncompromise by the Tea Party which costs us more than you think. The only obvious reason is "to make Obama a one term president". It is a hard party line which never works for the good of the whole country. According to the polls, nobody wants the kind of cuts to social security, medicare and unemployment insurance that these scoundrels are pushing. It would mean culture shock and ruin. Let the Haliburtons pay instead of offshoring in Dubai. Cut militry
-1 #10 HayesT 2011-12-20 22:34
I don't like you telling me what I am because you don't know me. I agree with certain aspects of both parties. I occasionally watch Fox News, but I also watch CNN as well. I believe in a balanced approach, I like to hear both sides of the story and make up my own mind. Most of the time just listening or watching both sides is not enough. I then do my own homework and make informed decisions. I blindly follow no-one.
As an FYI, I do not like Gingrich, too wishy-washy. Bill cuts off his guests too much for me to watch his show and Beck has no party allegiance. He just believes in a small government, the republic we once were. The others I know not enough to comment on.
On cuts, I believe all aspects of Federal Government need to be cut.

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