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Xbox One controller is much better

by on13 August 2013

20% lower latency & 30 hours on a charge

Microsoft says that the Xbox One controller is much better than Xbox 360 controller. In the past the company has been picked on for the performance and design of their controllers. This time around Microsoft believes that this new redefined design gets it right.

The new Xbox One controller uses a new wireless protocol that has cut the latency which has reduced the input lag by as much as 20%. In addition when you plug the controller in to the USB port, it shuts the wireless down and turns the controller into a true wired controller.

In addition Microsoft has confirmed that the new controller will last about 30 hours on a single charge and it only takes 3 hours to charge. That is about a 20% increase over the performance of the Xbox One wireless controller.

Should users choose to use the AA batteries rather than purchase the rechargeable Play & Charge Kit, the disposal AA battery performance should be able to extend the life beyond the 30 hours of play time depending on the AA batteries used.

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