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8800 GTS 320MB available for ?256

by on14 May 2007


Watch out R600

Nvidia dropped its prices significantly to prepare better for Radeon HD 2900XT launch. It specially adjusted the prices of the GTS series and today you can buy the 640 MB version for just about 300 to €310 including shipping and 320 MB costs even less.

You can buy a 320 MB card including shipping and handling cost for about €256 and the card works at the default frequencies and comes from Sparkle. The best part is that this card is marginaly slower then the 640 MB card and some €140 cheaper than Radeon HD 2900XT.

This will certainly put a lot of pressure on the Radeon HD 2900XT as the 320 MB of Geforce 8800 GTS performs better in many tests or at least comes close to a €140 expensive card. This will be a tough call for consumers.

You can order one here.



Last modified on 14 May 2007
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