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GeForce 9800 GT is a rebranded 8800 GT

by on20 February 2008

With support for 3-Way SLI

According to Expreview, a source has told them that the upcoming GeForce 9800 GT is nothing more than a rebadged 8800 GT with the addition of an extra SLI connector for 3-Way SLI support.

It wouldn't surprise us in the least if this really is the case, as it wouldn't be the first time Nvidia is rebranding old technology and pretending that it's something new.

In this case, they might change the clock speeds of the cards, but it seems as if they want people to upgrade to a card that won't offer any real benefits over the current generation, unless you're willing to blow the cash required for a three-card setup.

So far this is only a rumor, but an interesting one nonetheless, and it doesn't seem completely unlikely.

You can find the original story here.
Last modified on 21 February 2008
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