Raspberry Pi 2 sells half a million in three weeks
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Only a few weeks in the shops

After only a few weeks in the shops, Raspberry Pi 2 sales have reached the 500,000 mark.

Raspberry Pi 2 will run Windows 10
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Quad-core microcomputer costs $35

A new Raspberry Pi 2 is coming that is based on a 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex A7 processor with 1GB of RAM and it will run Windows 10, all for $35.

Raspberry Pi kicks up a notch
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New BCM2836 chip

The new Raspberry Pi 2 model B is out and, thanks to a new BCM2836 chip, is heading towards becoming jolly useful.

Better than expected

Builds one of its own

More power and new hardware with the same price

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Developers rejoice

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Keeps the same price

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Purify education from proprietary hardware

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No more outsourcing in China