Qualcomm sells Spectrum
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Captain Scarlet to take voluntary redundancy

Chipmaker Qualcomm has flogged off a chunk of the l-Band spectrum it has in Britain.

Pirate Bay still accessible
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UK blocking failure

The British Empire's attempt to crush piracy using the power of the Internet has been about as successful as its 19th century invasion of Afghanistan.

Coppers arrest Lizard squad suspect
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Hacker swoop

Coppers across the UK have arrested 56 people on suspicion of computer hacking offences.

04 December 2014

UK brings in Google Tax

y money

Beats taxing the unemployed

06 November 2014

4G slows down in UK

Will be like 3G soon

y lawbookhammer

Destroy adverts on illegal sites

y lawbookhammer

Worked so well in the US

Only select UK users to start with

Not a repeat of 1939

2H 2013 is the time