Android Wear getting battery boost
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Android 6.0 gets Doze power

Android Wear watches have a rather modest battery life of one to two days. The upcoming Android Wear 6.0 might change that, as it includes Doze power management.

Researchers develop a lithium-ion battery which does not explode
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Switches itself off if it gets too hot

Researchers have emerged from their smoke filled labs having designed a lithium-ion battery which can shut itself down if it gets too hot or might make a Dell off a bang (pictured).

Samsung wants huge sales in batteries
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Juicing up the bottom line

Samsung has just built a battery plant in China as part of its cunning plan to add a billion onto its sales figures to make up for falling smartphone sales.

Eggs make Eggceptional batteries
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You must be yoking

MIT has shelled out research on egg-like aluminum nanoparticles which they think is eggsactly what the doctor ordered for longer battery life.

Batteriser falls flat
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800 per cent claims questioned

An outfit which claims its Batteriser product can battery life by up to 800 per cent has been taking a hammering on the tech blogs.

Chrome starts saving batteries
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Saving the universe from Flash

Google's latest beta feature on Chrome has come up with a method of killing off battery draining flash heavy sites.

Tesla gets into batteries tech
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Every home will want one

Tesla Motors has unveiled Tesla Energy which will be batteries for homes, companies and utilities that will expand its business beyond electric vehicles and tap into a fast-growing area of the energy industry.

Aluminium charges in a minute
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Could replace lithium-ion batteries

A team of US boffins have emerged from their smoke filled labs claiming that they have a replacement for lithium-ion batteries

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Nyko solution gives Vita more battery life

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480+ hours of estimated game play on one battery