Raspberry Pi 2 sells half a million in three weeks
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Only a few weeks in the shops

After only a few weeks in the shops, Raspberry Pi 2 sales have reached the 500,000 mark.

Mark Cuban slams net neutrality plans
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Ayn says it will F*ck everything up.

Cable company boss and worshipper of Ayn Rand, Mark Cuban has warned that if the Government pushes through its net neutrality bill then "the Internet will be "f*cked up."

Sony gets its goggles on
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As Google takes its off

While Google has moved out of the intelligent specs market, at least for now, Sony has decided that it will enter the market.

How European tech hardware suppliers lost to Amazon
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Forgot about customers

The suppliers of tech products are complaining that they cannot compete with big companies like Amazon and are fast running out of cash. However, as we found out, they only have themselves to blame.

Intel's exascale computing gets boost
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Barcelona Supercomputing Centre extension

Intel's exascale computing efforst have received a boost with the extension of the company's research collaboration with the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre.

AMD confirms new Kaveri
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18 February 2015

AMD confirms new Kaveri

Cheap and unlocked

AMD has confirmed that it is releasing new AMD A8-7650K APUs on February 20.

Blackberry hits iPhone keyboard
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Idea nicked

BlackBerry has increased it's the pressure on the Chinese burn it is giving Ryan Seacrest's Typo Products.

British chef serves up fishy malware
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Still tastes better than British food

Irritating British chef Jamie Oliver, who normally serves up his dishes with some quirky English colloquialisms, has been delivering a dose of malware to people visiting his site.

Apple Pay Doomed
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17 February 2015

Apple Pay Doomed

China is not falling for it.

The Tame Apple Press is having a problem with why people are not rushing to sign up to the Apple pay project.

Intel eats its IoT dogfood
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Internal report shows cloud and IoT commitment

A leaked report has revealed how Chipzilla is convincing its own staff of its Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and data analytics.