Chinese authorities also advertise on Facebook
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Why should the Russians have all the fun?

While the Russians using Facebook advertising to help Donald Trump win the election has garnered all the attention, the Chinese government has also been buying adverts.

Bait and switch sites fall to might of Chrome
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Stop you being forwarded to another site

Google's Chrome browser is going to kill off redirects that send you to a website you didn't expect.

Microsoft spills the beans on locked down Windows 10 machines
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How to be highly secure

Software King of the World Microsoft has revealed that if you want PCs or laptops to be secure you must have certain hardware features.

Tablet market to rebound next year
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New models coming

The global tablet market is set for a rebound in 2018 as major IT players including Amazon, Huawei, Microsoft and Google all plan to launch new models in the coming year.

Twitter will make tweets longer
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Trump rants to get longer

Microblogging website Twitter which only allows 140 character tweets, said on Tuesday it would roll out 280 character tweets to users across the world.

Press talks up Broadcom’s unlikely Qualcomm takeover
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Could set Broadcom against Intel

The business press seems keen to talk up Broadcom’s unlikely Qualcomm takeover and portray it as the best thing since sliced bread.

Israelis claim Apple nicked their camera technology
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Saving money on R&D

The fruity tax dodging cargo cult Apple has been accused of stealing technology from a small Israeli company and declaring that it invented it.

Boffins pull apart Intel’s secret code
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Closed source variation of the open-source MINIX 3

Security experts have been looking at some code on Intel chips which can change your computer's fundamental settings.

Apache OpenOffice is happy it is not cool
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Just as well

The resource starved open source Apache OpenOffice has had a few problems since it released its latest version – late and a big buggy.

Nokia and Vodafone team up for 5G
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South African test

Former rubber boot maker Nokia will trial its 5G technology in South Africa in collaboration with UK telephone outfit Vodacom.