Baidu boss investigated for not driving
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Tested a driverless car on a public road

Baidu China's Google is under investigation after its chief executive tested a driverless car on public roads.

EU delivers a nightmare to disposable electronics
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You will have to make it fixable

The EU Parliament is about to tell makers of badly made electronics which are designed not to last past the warranty date that their products will have to last longer and be fixable.

Volvo will give up on completely petrol cars by 2019
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Out of gas

Volvo has announced that starting in 2019, all of the new models it produces will be electric or hybrid.

Bixby can’t learn English
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Keeping it in Asia

While Samsung is telling the world+dog that its AI-based virtual assistant can do 15,000 tasks, apparently that does not include talking in English.

Malfunction in Taiwan causes DRAM shortage
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Expect more price hikes 

A malfunction in a Taiwanese factory is causing a global DRAM shortage which could lead to further price increases.

AMD appoints former Intel man to board
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Intel inside 

AMD has announced the appointment of Abhi Talwalkar to its board.

Nokia does patent deal with Xiaomi
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Patents and network gear

Telecoms network equipment maker Nokia and Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Technology have signed a patent licensing agreement.

Ericsson boss to quit
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Need to tackle the Chinese 

The chairman of struggling Swedish mobile equipment company Ericsson plans to stand down before the company's next annual meeting in 2018.

Is Intel quietly abandoning IoT plans?
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Jobs going now

For ages Intel has been banging on about the Internet of Things and how it will be the saviour of the chip business.

Samsung working on a smart speaker
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Powered by Bixby

Samsung may be working on a smart speaker of its own to match that offered by Google and Amazon.