ARM does well because of embedded
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ARMv8 does well

Analysts have been looking under the bonnet of ARM's good results and discovered that they might not be down to its traditional mobile stomping ground.

iOS crashes more than Lollipop
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Still, you get what you pay for

A survey which is not being widely reported among the Tame Apple Press, shows that Apple's latest iOS software is not as reliable as Android Lollypop.

Microsoft still thinks the pen is mightier than the swipe
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Buys Israeli company

Software giant Microsoft has written a cheque for the Israeli tech manufacturer N-trig which specialises in the development and production of digital pens and touchscreens.

South Korean anti-trust watchdog yaps at Qualcomm
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Looks like everyone wants a piece

The South Koreans have looked at Qualcomm writing a billion dollar cheque to make the Chinese anti-trust watchdogs go away and thought, "I'll be having something of that."

Intel confirms Skylake for the middle of the Year
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Thinner Intel gear

Intel has confirmed that its Skylake chips will appear in the middle of the year, just in time to make Apple's iPad Air look a bit chunky.

Google smartwatch initiative tanks
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Only Apple expects it to be great

It is starting to look like only Apple and its allies in the Tame Apple press think that smartwatches are a good idea.

Samsung's spying smart TVs also insert adverts into films
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Make them really worth it

If it was not bad enough that the latest breed of smart TVs are spying on you, they are also inserting adverts into movies.

ZTE invests in wireless charging technology
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$240 million for cars

Chinese smartphone maker ZTE wants to invest $240 million in wireless charging technology for vehicles in 2015.

Study shows no need for smartwatches
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Might as well use your phone

A new study has shown that smartwatches are completely useless and you might as well be monitoring your daily activity from a phone in your pocket.

Linaro offers new ARM board designs
Published in Motherboards

Open saucy

ARM-backed not-for-profit engineering organisation Linaro jas launched an open-source spec for ARM SBCs called "96Boards."