US cops censor Wikipedia
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We don’t beat people up or shoot black people

The New York Police department has a clever way of making sure its story gets across on Wikipedia – it edits the site until it says what it wants.

Copyright cops shut down Karaoke site
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At tax payers’ expense

UK cops, who are acting as taxpayer funded copyright cops on behalf of Big Content, have shut down a Karaoke site.

Fundholders slammed for Apple dependence
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Breaking investment rules

While some financial fund-holders are flogging their Apple shares, those who remain are increasingly getting slammed for not seeing the writing on the wall.

Fujitsu works out way to keep phone cool
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Ice, Ice, baby

Fujitsu has developed a way of keeping mobile gear cool.

Worldwide tablet growth hits the brakes
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Market matures

Beancounters at IDC have suddenly realised that all that rubbish they said about Tablets being game-changers was indeed a pile of rubbish, and the keyboardless netbooks were just another fad going the way of the hola-hoop. 

Video game market goes boom
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Also splat and kapow

February was a great month for the video game industry with games, hardware, and accessories all enjoying sales increases for combined sales of $956 million. 

Ransomware moves to games
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They came for my OS, I didnt care, then they came for Civ 5

Hackers who have been cleaning up by installing ransomeware in people's machines have worked out that there is more money holding games to ransom. 

Man turns to crack dealing to buy Apple Watch
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Daft excuses of our time

A Chinese bloke turned to crime so that he could afford to follow the voices in his head which told him he needed an iWatch. 

Intel slashes forecast
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Blames small businesses

Chipzilla has slashed a $1 billion from its first-quarter revenue forecast claiming that small businesses put off upgrading their personal computers. 

Why Linux is still not ready for desktop
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Nothing ever changes

Every three years I install Linux and see if it is ready for prime time yet, and every three years I am disappointed. What is so disappointing is not so much that the operating system is bad, it has never been, it is just that who ever designs it refuses to think of the user.