TeraHertz could push wi-fi speeds
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Although making the range pants

Researchers have worked out a way to push Wi-Fi speeds to 34 Gbps using the TeraHertz band.

Intel going flat out on NAND flash
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Look out Samsung

Chipzilla has seen how NAND flash storage rising and memory makers are speeding up 3D NAND flash product development and thought “I’ll be ‘aving some of that”.

Nokia phones are back from the dead
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This time they’re not stopping, they’ve brought some corn for popping

Nokia-branded mobile phones are on sale, once again, and can be seen on the Finnish company's website.

Fitbit close to buying Pebble
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Going for a song

Fitness wearables outfit Fitbit is close to buying smartwatch maker Pebble and the prices is rather low.

Smartphone vendors ally against Apple
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Enemy of my enema

Chinese smartphone vendors are so worried that Apple is strong arming AMOLED suppliers to suck supply that they have formed their own consortium to fight it.

Apple slashes iPhone orders
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Doing worse than expected

The fruity tax-doging cargo-cult Apple has been forced to slash its orders for the iPhone 7 family because it is not doing as well as it expected.

AOC releases HD 27” PLS Monitor with a Qi Wireless Charging Base
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Charges your phone while you do something more important

Monitor display maker AOC has released a new Full HD 27” PLS Monitor featuring a Qi Wireless Charging Base so you can charge your phone by putting it on the monitor base.

GoPro more than decimates staff
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Wants to focus on its core

GoPro is cutting 15 percent of its workforce in a move to focus on its core camera products.

Seagate and Amazon team up on cloud/hard-drive combo
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Hard drive backs up to the cloud

Hard drive maker Seagate has teamed up withy Amazon to create a $99 1TB external hard drive that automatically backs up everything stored on it to the cloud.

PC shipments pulling out of the tarpit
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Latest IDC report

While PC shipments are set to decline in 2016, beancounters at IDC think that the drop will be better than expected and there will be an improvement in 2017.