Selfie stick banned at Arsenal
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Fears they can be weaponised

The selfie stick, which enables those without friends to be photographed at historical landmarks, has been banned by the administrators of the Arsenal football team.

UK government runs ancient computer
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From the time of Genesis, when it still had Peter Gabriel


The UK Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is running its operations based on a Fujitsu mainframes using the VME operating system installed in 1974.

EFF claims Apple developer agreement blocks freedom
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More oppressive than Saudi

Apple's autocratic Dev Agreement means that the Electronic Foundation Frontier can't put out an iPhone version of its App.

Apple jacks up its prices for foreigners
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Pay for your American overlords' habit

Fruity cargo cult Apple has decided that Apple fanboys across the EU will have to subsidise their American brethren and pay even more for their Apps.

Snapdragon throttled to prevent firebreathing
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Where are my dragons?

Mobile chipmaker Qualcomm is facing overheating and other technological problems with its latest mobile processor.

Lollipop take up  sucks
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08 January 2015

Lollipop take up sucks

KitKat doing well

Even though Google announced Lollipop back in mid-October its take up has been slower than an Italian politician to resign after being discovered to have been embezzling millions. 

Oculus Rift gets immersive sound
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You can almost hear the acronyms

The virtual reality outfit Oculus VR has been showing off its latest Oculus Rift headset at CES and it seems this time it has more immersive sound.

Russians attack Germany over Ukraine
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This is not a repeat from 1943

German government websites, including Chancellor Angela Merkel's page, have been hacked by a group demanding Berlin end support for the Ukrainian government, and give the keys of the country  to Russian Tsar Vladimir Putin.

Garmin has a fitness band which nags you
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On the next push-up, you will be dead

The creator of a mapping device which thinks it is legal to drive through the centre of Rome in the weekend, now thinks it can nag you on your health.

Seagate goes mad about storage
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Be still my beating heart

Seagate has used CES to do a brand refresh and a number of storage products.