WannaCry might have been made in North Korea
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Lazarus Group has similar code

The ransomware known as WannaCry which put the fear of Jehovah into those who thought running Windows XP was a good idea, might have come from a group of North Korean hackers known as the Lazarus Group.

ZeniMax targets Samsung over Gear VR
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Having beaten Oculus

After beating Facebook-owned Oculus in a $500 million patent dispute earlier this year, games outfit ZeniMax is now going after Samsung.

Orange sued over fibre optic network coverage
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Rival wanted a bigger share

French telecom operator Orange has revealed that the rival roast beef-eating telecom group SFR was suing it.

Japanese government tells Western Digital and Toshiba to lower blades
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Catastrophic fight between allies dishonourable 

Japan's government has written a stiff note to Toshiba and partner Western Digital to tell them to stop fighting and co-operate.

Flash will be the storage of choice
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Claims NAND controller developer

Flash memory based solid state storage devices (SSD) are pushing hard disk drives out of the market and will replace them, according to the president of NAND controller developer Silicon Motion.

MP3 is dead
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15 May 2017

MP3 is dead

Creators refuse to licence it

The MP3 digital audio coding format has now been officially confirmed as dead by its inventors.

UK Tories pledge to censor social media
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When you are going to win you might as well be honest

The UK conservatives are so confident that they will win the coming election they are actually openly telling voters about some of their more unpopular plans so that they can claim they have a mandate.

Microsoft pushes gadgets to help employer spy
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Vole jumps on the Big Brother bandwagon

It would appear that Microsoft has mistaken George Orwell’s “1984” as a suggested path for innovation and come up with software to help employers spy on their employees 24/7.

Intel’s management engine is security nightmare
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EFF warning

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is warning that Intel's largely-undocumented "Management Engine" is a security nightmare.

Cage takes on UK anti-terror laws
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Refuses to hand over passwords

The human rights group Cage is preparing to mount a legal challenge to UK anti-terrorism legislation over a refusal to hand over mobile and laptop passwords to border control officials at air terminals, ports and international rail stations.