State Hackers used commercial software
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Hit European and Israeli military sites

A state inspired hacking campaign against military targets in Israel and Europe misused security-testing software to cover its tracks and enhance its capability.

Chaos makes fingerprints out of photos
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Another hack

Chaos Computer Club claims it can reproduce your fingerprints from a couple of photos that show your fingers.

Xbox and Playstation were finished off by Lizards
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Finn end of the wedge

F-Secure, has confirmed to the Finnish media that one of the hackers who brought down the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live services on Christmas Day is based in Finland.

Sony pirates when it suits
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Interview even a bigger disaster

Sony executives are probably really regretting the Interview flick which is proving to be an absolute disaster.

China says no to Gmail
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29 December 2014

China says no to Gmail

Limited access

Chinese authorities are limiting local access to Google services including Gmail.

US Government official sues journalists over Snowden
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Free speech helps "foreign enemies"

A US government official has decided to sue the makers of an Oscar-contending documentary about Edward Snowden. 

Huawei cashes in on Xiaomi’s business model
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Cheap is the way forward

Huawei has taken sales of its low-price Honor brand of smartphones to 20 million from 1 million in just one year by using the online-only strategy it copied from smaller upstart Xiaomi. 

GT will sell sapphire furnaces
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Will give money to Apple

GT Advanced Technologies is flogging its sapphire furnaces and will pay former partner, Apple a portion of the cash it gets from the sale. The furnaces were installed to make sapphire glass for Apple, which loaned GT Advanced $439 million for the project.

Minor security error responsible for JP Morgan breach
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Two step security overlooked

It is starting to look like a minor network security error was responsible for the huge JP Morgan breach this year.

BT gives more broadband to Scots
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Thanks to Digital Scotland

BT has said that it will be able to give 170,000 additional homes and businesses in Scotland high-speed fibre broadband thanks to £409.8 million from the Digital Scotland programme.