DRAM growth to reach 22.5 percent
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Samsung will increase production

Beancounters at DRAMeXchange say that as Samsung looking to expand production capacity, the global bit growth of DRAM will reach 22.5 percent in 2018 compared with 19.5 percent this year.

Exiting employee shut up Donald Trump
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Not for long but it was worth it

For 11 minutes a Twitter employee managed to do something that no-one has managed for nearly two years – get Donald Trump to shut up.

People queue for the iPhone X
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Yep the world is crazy

It looks like Apple’s business plan of extorting the stupid to pay for two year old technology has paid off. People are queuing to buy Apple’s massively overpriced iPhone X.

Space station gets its first printer upgrade in 17 years
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Not been working well for five or six years

The International Space Station is about to get its first printer upgrade in 17 years.

Qualcomm sues Apple again
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Claims it helped Intel

Qualcomm has sued Apple claiming that it violated a software licence contract to benefit rival chipmaker Intel for making broadband modems.

British women are hardcore gamers
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Guinness says UK women dedicate a big chunk of their lives to gaming

British women in 2017 are spending a month of every year playing video games, according to new research.

Notebook sales decline
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02 November 2017

Notebook sales decline

At this rate, we will be starting to give them back to the manufacturers

Notebook sales are continuing to fall faster than Donald Trump’s popularity with global shipments of notebooks (excluding detachable 2-in-1 models) declined 4.2 percent on year to 40.79 million units in the third quarter of 2017.

Apple might have over-egged iPhone X privacy pudding
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Developers will have access to facial data

While the Tame Apple Press praised Apple for promising that facial data used to unlock its new iPhone X would be securely stored on the phone, now it appears that it might not have been giving a clear picture about how the data would be used.

Developers hate Perl
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02 November 2017

Developers hate Perl

… but Rust never sleeps

Software Developers really hate Perl followed by Delphi and VBA.

Microsoft denies its Surface is unreliable
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Works fine when you give it a push

Microsoft has denied its Surface range is as unreliable as a Reliant Robin and said that fewer than one in 100,000 have been borked.