Microsoft closes Chinese phone plants
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May move to outsourcing

Software giant Microsoft has closed its China-based handset manufacturing plants in Beijing and Dongguang and might be looking to outsource to the same manufactures used by everyone else.

Intel does rather well in Q2 2015
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But PC numbers still slide

The maker of chips and bits, Intel is doing better than the cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street expected.

Qualcomm faces two EU antitrust investigations
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Dirty deeds done dirt cheap

The European Commission has opened two antitrust investigations into Qualcomm's possible abuse of its market dominance of semiconductors.

Microsoft still loves mobile
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Nadella denies pulling back

Microsoft is still going to press ahead with mobile despite cutting 7,800 jobs from the Nokia and hardware division, and an 80 per cent write off on the £4.6 billion Nokia deal.

Oracle releases Java mega patch
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One already being exploited

Oracle has just fixed 25 vulnerabilities in its aging Java platform, including one that's already being exploited in attacks.

Commodore PET is back
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35 years and I still hate them 

After 35 years the first computer, upon which I learnt to program Pascal is back in the shops – as a smart phone.

Chinese Micron take-over will be tricky
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Analysts warning

The takeover of the chipmaker Micron by a Chinese government controlled outfit is going to be extremely tricky, warned analysts.

ASML profits bode well for chip  industry
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$6.44 billion in sales

Dutch outfit ASML Holding, the world's second largest maker of semiconductor production equipment has managed to flog more than $6.44 billion worth of gear.

Apple fanboy arrested for shocking crime
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Stealing electricity to feed his hungry phone

An Apple Fanboy is furious that the UK transport police did not seem to understand that his ownership of a Jobs' Mob gadget gave him the right to steal electricity from the train company to power the device. 

Mozilla kills  Flash
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It will kill every one of us

The big cheeses at the Mozzarella Foundation have disabled all versions of Flash in Firefox, by default.