Kickass plays musical domain names
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Keeps going

Torrent sharing site Kickass has been playing musical chairs with its domain name to avoid being shut down by forces loyal to the movie studios.

Developing countries think Facebook is the Internet
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Thought it was all about cats, and pictures of food

Facebook has become so pervasive that some people think that the social notworking site really is the Internet.

Mediatek had bad quarter
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Fings ain't what they used to be

MediaTek is predicting that its revenues will decline by 10-18 per cent in the first quarter of 2015.

Beware of buying AMD chips on Amazon
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Bait and switch

Amazon is finding itself on the back foot over what appears to be a scam involving AMD A8-7600 chips on its site.

Samsung leans on chips and panel division
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Needs more beer money

Samsung's components businesses is finding itself under pressure to pick up the slack and secure external customers for chips and display panels and might even start flogging them to rival mobile companies.

Emotions are the new bill shock
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People getting bills for expressing themselves

It looks like emoticons is costing some users a fortune.

Cougar Spikes the UK market
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Small but big

Cougar has started flogging its latest micro-ATX case, the Cougar Spike, to the UK market.

Cleaning Robot Fires first shots in robot wars
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Attacks woman for being dirty

The rise of the machines has started and apparently the Robots have shot first.

Samsung changes its privacy policy
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All your Telly chat can be seen

Telly maker Samsung has just changed its privacy policy to make sure all your television chat is shared with the world.

Tesla poaches staff from Apple
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Dropping them in hot water does seem appropriate

If your Tesla car suddenly runs out of battery or catching fire, then you might want to ponder this bit of information --- Tesla is poaching staff from Apple.