Nintendo aims high after abandoning Wii
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Switch proves to be viable

Former maker of playing cards, Nintendo almost doubled its full year operating profit forecast as supply shortages for its new Switch games console began to ease.

Purism switches off despised Intel management engine
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A market for laptops protected from potential spying

San Francisco outfit Purism announced it is offering a range of notebooks with the despised Intel Management Engine disabled.

US government makes it harder to sue companies over poor IT security
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So much for cleaning out the swamp

Rather than sorting out the corrupt relationship between the US government and big corporations, it appears that the Senate wants to make it hard for consumers to sue financial companies who could not be bothered installing good IT security.

Stanford works out way to investigate battery fires
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Close to solving the mystery why some batteries fail

Boffins from Stanford University and the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have come up with a new way to look inside a battery and find out why some fail.

Windows XP peak invulnerable to fire
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It seems that nothing will kill it

One of the iconic images of the operating system which will not die, Windows XP, seems to have survived a raging fire which obliterated the surrounding countryside.

Google boss drops everything to fix emoji
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Perspective  – Pichai has heard of it

While there are a lot of things that Google CEO Sundar Pichai needs to fix in the search engine outfit, apparently his most pressing concern is Google's version of the cheeseburger emoji.

Intel flattens inside the box
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Spins things a different way

Chip giant Intel always looks on the bright side. Or, to put it another way, it spins the news to pretend things are better than they actually are.

Nvidia partners working around GTX 1070 Ti factory-overclock ban
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One way or the other

By now, it is obvious that Nvidia has placed a block on GTX 1070 Ti factory-overclocking for its partners, but it appears that partners are finding different solutions to get their factory-overclocked versions to the market, one way or another.

Microsoft working on Apple’s next “breakthrough”
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Foldable notebook pen and digital-ink functionality

Software king of the world, Microsoft, is working on a foldable device with an emphasis on pen and digital-ink functionality that runs Windows 10.

Cannabis producers stress over software
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If only there were a good way for them  to chill out a bit

Washington State's cannabis industry is stressed out over a software problem.