Intel security is compromised big time
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Vulnerability level similar to Heartbleed (OpenSSL) in 2014

Intel has just patched a security vulnerability that affects all of its desktop and notebook platforms from Nehalem in 2008 to Kaby Lake in 2017, with a higher degree of vulnerability for users on Intel vPro systems.

Apple readying Siri-based smart speaker
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May be announced at WWDC in June

According to the latest prediction from a well sourced Apple analyst, the fruit-themed toymaker is preparing to announce a Siri-based smart hub device at this year’s WWDC event, adding more fuel to a competitive voice assistant market in 2017.

Gaming PC sales grew up to 30 percent in 2016
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High-end gaming PCs account for 35 percent of sales

The broader market for gaming PCs in North America increased 25 to 30 percent on year in 2016, according to the vice president of US-based retail giant Micro Center.

Google Home disrupts Android phones
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Guests get up in arms

It's only a few days since I reviewed Google Home but today it caused not only extreme embarrassment but distress to visitors here on the British May Day bank holiday.

Ebooks being killed off by print
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This is not a repeat from the 16th century

Ebooks are dying out and are being replaced by the good old fashioned non-digital versions with a bit of spine.

One of the first computer designers logs off
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Huskey worked with Turing

Engineer Harry Huskey, who helped build many of the first ever computers has died. He was 101.

Intel based broadband modem has security hole
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Puma 6 is a "cat has trophy"

Chipzilla’s Puma 6 Intel cable modem variants are highly susceptible to a very low-bandwidth denial-of-service attack.

British politicians moan about social media
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They are monkeying around over racism and terror

A group of British MP’s have had a good moan about social media networks not doing enough to remove illegal and extremist material posted on their sites, and for not preventing it appearing in the first place.

Boffins consider building a TARDIS
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It is bigger on the inside

Physicists have come up with a plan to build a real-life time machine which works with known physics.

Trump blames China for Democratic Party hack
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It was not my friend Putin – he said so

Desperate to divert Republican attention from the fact his chum and benefactor Tsar Vladamir Putin hacked the Democratic Party and helped him win the election, Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump is blaming China.