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Thursday, 23 June 2011 09:32

US government plans mass monitoring of social networks

Written by Nick Farell

Obama's Odyssey
A top secret plan by the US government to monitor social notworking sites has been uncovered amongst emails of security outfits hacked by Anonymous.

The Guardian has been working its way through the HBGary Federal, Palantir and Berico, whose emails show the outfits bidding for a project called Odyssey. The programme uses natural language processing, semantic analysis, latent semantic indexing and IT intrusion to snuffle out information on social notworking sites, particularly in the Middle East.

What is spooky is that the people putting together the contract included Aaron Barr, who was the former CEO of HBGary Federal. He wanted to flog these high-end intelligence capabilities to private companies.

The Guardian said that the emails are only known about because of the antics of hackers who the authorities are trying to shut down.

Nick Farell

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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+22 #1 jonelsorel 2011-06-23 09:57
Lol.. nice headline, Fuad, but I think they started that 10 years ago at least. Actually I think they're already done working on the next logical step: control it:


The article is from march, btw.

And yes, that's why the govt is so up against Anon and Lulz these days, as Anon pulled their pants down and exposed this when they hacked HBGarry (security firm hired by the govt to do naughty stuff).
-4 #2 Jigar 2011-06-23 10:01
Slow news day Nick ?
+10 #3 fuadzilla 2011-06-23 10:25
damn yanks
+26 #4 function69 2011-06-23 11:03
Did someone seriously expect something different from the government? May be only those who still think that US is a democracy.
+6 #5 jonelsorel 2011-06-23 15:08
The US IS the perfect democracy actually (demos=people, kratos=power). It's just that they omitted adding "few" in front.
+4 #6 bobjohn9995 2011-06-23 17:19
"A top secret plan by the US government"

All I have to say is wow.... I'm proud to be a American..... I love how the plan is so top secret that a rag tag bunch of kids from 4chan found it.
+3 #7 ncc1701dee 2011-06-23 23:34
obama; not just content with his war on whistleblowers. f u obama and f u nick farrel
+3 #8 hanoking 2011-06-24 01:23
What? The Empire would do that?, give us a break...

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