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Raspberry Pi Trading might be listed

by on29 November 2021

Valued at $493 million

According to The Telegraph, Raspberry Pi Trading, the arm responsible for the creation of the Raspberry Pi could soon be listed with a value of more than $493 million.

Word on the street is that Raspberry Pi Trading has hired advisors from two investment banks, Stifel and Liberum to advise on floating the company in spring 2022.

The news comes just a few months after Raspberry Pi received a $60 million investment from Lansdowne Partners and the Ezrah Charitable Trust which was used to fund the development of new products as demand increased during the global pandemic.

Apparently the cash raised meant that the urgency around figuring out how it funds the future. However, the company has a glorious five year plan and a listing might help that happen.

Being dependent on shareholders though does bring its altruistic model into question and it might lose some of its charm with customers with the move.

Last modified on 29 November 2021
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