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Trump, Russia and China refuse to sign online threats agreement
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Ignoring French call

French President Emmanuel Macron is joining with US technology giants, including Microsoft,  pushing for governments and companies worldwide to sign up for a new initiative aimed at establishing regulations for the internet, to fight such online threats as cyber-attacks, hate speech and online censorship.

Big Content declares war on the Swiss
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You are all pirates

It seems that Swiss neutrality will not protect it from Big Content lobby groups which are trying to drag the country into a conflict with the United States.

Oracle’s patching process sparks zero-day release
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Oh those Russians

A Russian security researcher who was so miffed at the glacial pace of Oracle’s patching  released details of a zero-day vulnerability without warning them.

Amazon to sell Apple gear
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Long term rivals bury the hatchet 

Apple and Amazon have buried the hatchet only a few years after Jobs’ Mob arranged a pricing cartel to shut the book seller out of the ebook market.

Security flaws found in some SSDs
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Bypass the password process

Researchers at Radbound University in the Netherlands have found that that major flaws in some Solid State Drives (SSDs) allow an attacker to bypass the password-based authentication process and access encrypted data stored on the drives.