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Richard Liu accused of rape
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eCommerce billionaire leader back in China

A 21-year-old University of Minnesota student sent a WeChat message to a friend in the middle of the night saying that she was raped by the leader  Richard Liu at her Minneapolis area apartment.

Britain to create 2,000 strong anti-Russian cyber force
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Four-fold increase

While the UK can't afford to upgrade computers for the NHS to something a little more secure, it is splashing out huge amounts of money on spy equipment to keep the Russians out.

Internet will be split in two
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Schmidt hits out

The internet will split into two different worlds within the next decade – and China will lead one of them, according to Eric Schmidt.

Samsung wins battle of the MPEG patents
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All is not well in MPEG land

The New York State Court of Appeals on Thursday overturned a $115 million judgment against Samsung over telly patents.

Google defends Gmail data sharing
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All automatic, nothing to see here

Google gave details about its policies for third-party Gmail add-ons but stopped short of adequately addressing questions from US senators about developers who break its email-scanning rules.