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German state makes Microsoft Office 365 illegal for kids
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Being exposed to US spies makes you go blind

Schools in the central German state of Hesse have been told it's now illegal to use Microsoft Office 365 because the United States could steal the data.

Citizen journalist advocate admits he cocked it up
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Now investing in protecting the news industry

The bloke who touted Citizen journalism during the early days of the internet and developed Craigslist has admitted he was completely wrong.

US knows why China is a surveillance state
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It looked at its receipts

The reason that the US is obsessed with China being a surveillance state is that it built it for them.

A fifth of big corporations are still on Windows 7
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Hackers rub paws with glee

With just six months until Microsoft officially ends support for its nine year old operating system Windows 7, almost a fifth of large enterprises still haven’t migrated to Windows 10.

France falls out with US over Internet tax
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English highly amused

The nation which armed and installed a terrorist regime in the US, using fake news about a tea tax, has fallen out with its anti-democratic puppet over an issue of tax sovereignty.