Micron sees life in the memory industry
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Things are looking up

Micron claims to have overcome key DRAM and Flash memory problems and says the industry is looking rather good.

British forces army must get more high-tech
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Army top brass split between tradition and high-tech

The British army’s new chief of the general staff, Gen Mark Carleton-Smith, British forces must shift their focus to include confronting adversaries in the virtual world as well as on the battlefield.

Microsoft staff asked boss to walk away from Trump immigration contract
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Worried they may be assisting a human rights violation 

More than 100 Microsoft staff have reportedly written to CEO Satya Nadella protesting the company's work for the US's Immigration, Customs and Enforcement (ICE) agency.

China hacked US satellite operators, defence contractors and telcos
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Taking out the satellites

Insecurity experts Symantec have uncovered a sophisticated hacking campaign launched from computers in China burrowed deeply into satellite operators, defence contractors and telecommunications companies in the United States and southeast Asia.

Apple fined for bricking old iPhones down under
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Fine is probably not going to hurt

Fruity cargo cult Apple has been slapped rigorously about the chops with a wet bus ticket by an Aussie court which decided that it was wrong to brick iPhones which had been fixed at non-authorised repairers.

Uber neglected simulation testing on self driving car
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Lack of simulation software investment 

Uber allegedly "neglected" simulation testing for its autonomous vehicles according to Insiders who were chatting to The Information.

OpenBSD stops support for  Intel CPU hyper-threading
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Too many bugs

The OpenBSD project is killing off support for Intel CPU hyper-threading due to security concerns regarding the theoretical threat of more "Spectre-class bugs".

Trump assures Apple it is safe from tariffs
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Consumer electronics not covered

President Donald Trump told Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook that the US government would not levy tariffs on iPhones assembled in China.

Intel has by-passed Trump's China tariffs
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Will just shuffle production through other facilities

Intel is expected to ignore the worst aspects of President Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump's trade war with China by shifting its production among its facilities.

Android users told to beware of Frankenstein virus
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Put the candle back

Android users are being warned about a new ‘Frankenstein’ virus that combines the worst features of different malware to form a dangerous threat.