Apple's new expensive iPhone's have a battery problem
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Why can't Apple get the batteries right?

The Tame Apple Press is having to admit that its favourite company's iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max is a lemon... or at least is better off powered by one.

Siemens automates design process
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New software for testing chips 

Siemens Digital Industries has launched new software called Tessent Multi-die that automates a design process for testing chips made with advanced packaging.

Australia might get some actual data protection laws
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Companies might need to tell people when they are hacked 

After a huge embarrissing hack the Australian government is finally getting tougher on businesses who keep such hacks secret.

TikTok fined for failing to protect children
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Breached UK data protection laws

TikTok faces a £27 million fine after a British government investigation found it breached UK data protection laws and failed to protect children's privacy.

Ukraine claims Putin likely to go mental with cyber hacking attacks
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Although they would say that

Spooks for the Ukrainian government warned that the Kremlin is planning to carry out “massive cyberattacks” targeting power grids and other critical infrastructure in Ukraine and in the territories of its allies.

Developers not going to be replaced by AI yet
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Amazon says it is science fantasy

Fears that developers jobs be taken by machines have been dismissed by Amazon big wig Vasi Philomin.

Telcos call for more money from Big Tech
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Users should pay

Europes big telcos including BT, Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom want users to pay for the costs of data fuelled by the global streaming and internet boom.

Boffins can see into your brain
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It is amazing how you can survive with something so small

Korean Boffins have developed a microscope which can see through your skull and develop a high-resolution 3D imaging of the neural network.

Firefox maker moans about operating systems
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Microsoft, Google, and Apple using their browsers to shut down browser rivals 

Big Cheeses at the Mozzarella Foundation are hacked off that Microsoft, Google, and Apple are using their operating systems to steer users to their browsers and stacking the deck against rivals.

Apple Pay Later is delayed
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Installment plan to help more people into debt does not work

Fruity cargo cult Apple's moves into the financial sector are working out about as well as you expect and its flagship "Apple Pay Later" has been ironically delayed until next year.