e-recycler jailed for miffing Microsoft
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Saving the planet costs corporate America, so you are going to jail

Microsoft has come out as the bad guy after an e-recycler who was helping to save the planet by recycling electronic waste has been jailed for 15 months mainly for helping people assess licences they had already paid for.

Samsung is the world's number one chipmaker
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Intel falls and Gartner crowns Samsung King

Chipzilla is no longer the king of chips and has been replaced by Samsung, according to Gartner group.

Apple insists suppliers sacrifice their profits
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The needs of Apple are more important than suppliers. 

There is evidence that Apple is leaning on its suppliers to give it more discounts to push up its margins to keep the company looking like it is making significant money with fewer sales. 

SK Hynix warns of smartphone chip slow down
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Off-set by server and high-end chip demand

SK Hynix has warned that there will be slower growth in smartphone chip sales this year but this would be offset somewhat by robust demand for server and other high-end chips.

Apple's Shazam bid worries EU
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EU opens investigation

The EU is worried that the convicted anti-trust cartel owner Apple might be up to its old tricks again.

Microsoft still rumoured to be working on a Surface phone
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Despite stopping the sale of Windows phones last week

The dark satanic rumour mill suggests that Microsoft is still working on creating a Surface phone, despite generally abandoning the smartphone market to Google and Apple.

FBI can't find unstoned developers or hackers
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Untouchables are not supposed to touch the stuff

The FBI's plans to hire skilled hackers are going  "up in smoke" because it is finding it hard to recruit tech whizzes because most of them would fail any test for cannabis use.

Intel and partners show off IoT in Hanover
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All part of a cunning plan to move away from PC dependence

As part of its cunning plan to reduce its dependence on the PC, Intel and its ecosystem partners are showcasing a range of interconnected and intelligent technologies to enable Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions at Hannover Messe.

Oracle puts the squeeze on Java business users
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Pay up or you will not get patches and security updates

Business users of Java SE 8 have been told that they will no longer receive patches and security updates for the software from the beginning of next year, unless they write a cheque for a commercial licence.

Anderson hints of second-generation Ryzen CPUs
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But not before the summer

Jim Anderson, senior vice president at AMD, has hinted that a second-generation Ryzen CPUs with a Ryzen 7 2800X, is in the works and indicated that AMD has held off on releasing the more powerful part to wait and see what Intel does first.