Intel is back on top
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Samsung is a number two again

Chipzilla is back to being the number one semiconductor maker after knocking Samsung off the top slot.

Nokia hopes to make a buck out of Huawei ban
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Thanks, Donald

Nokia Chief Executive Rajeev Suri said the company could benefit from a US clampdown on Chinese rival Huawei as the race to roll out 5G services heats up.

Ymobile delays Huawei P30 Lite launch
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Fears of US restrictions

Japanese telco SoftBank's low-cost mobile brand Ymobile said on Wednesday it would delay the launch of Huawei P30 Lite smartphone, following the imposition of trade restrictions on the Chinese manufacturer by Washington.

Sony not giving up on smartphones
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Tells investors to go forth and multiply

Sony has told its investors that it will not be giving up on smartphones, despite them thinking that it is a waste of cash and effort.

Mozilla’s Firefox gets even faster
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Scratches the itch for new improvements

Mozilla today launched Firefox 67 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android which doubles down on performance and privacy.

Microsoft calls for GDPR for US
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EU showed the way

Microsoft Corporate Vice President and Deputy General Counsel Julie Brill has called for the US to adopt a similar sort of privacy regulation to the EU.

Chipzilla investigates Photonic integrated circuits
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Getting AI into the matrix

Chipzilla boffins have released details of some interesting findings which could bring optical neural networks a step closer to reality.

Self-driving cars delayed
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2021 is not viable

Car makers have pushed back the time table for full, Level 5 self-driving cars.

Xbox boss wants to tackle toxic gamers
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If it works, they can try Game of Thrones fans

Microsoft’s Xbox chief Phil Spencer wants to tackle toxic gamers whose abuse and harassment, and exclusionary attitudes have been keeping gaming spreading beyond its most hardcore, traditional demographic.

Benchmarks show how much Spectre and Meltdown mitigation slow Intel chips
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I expect you to die, Mr Intel,

Phoronix has been testing chips to see how bad Spectre and Meltdown patches harmed the performance of CPUs and the news is horrible for Intel.