Gigabyte's RX 6000 $78 more expensive
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We warned you

Gigabyte's Radeon RX 6000 cards are now $78 more expensive following AMD’s price hike.

Windows users should stop using Chrome warns Microsoft
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Pop-ups push Edge

Microsoft is warning Windows owners to stop using the Google Chrome browser and switch to Edge instead.

Toyota will launch an all-electric small sedan in China
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And it will be affordable

Toyota will launch an all-electric small sedan in China late next year and it will be cheaper than what is on offer in the rest of the world.

SiFive aims to carve a niche in the chip business
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Risc-V business

New startup SiFive has released its Performance P650 chip which offers a 50 percent speed boost over the P550 that arrived in June.

Microsoft says it is making progress on DNA storage
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Reached the minimum speed for viability

Microsoft making some headway, working with the University of Washington's Molecular Information Systems Laboratory, or MISL in creating a nanoscale DNA storage writer.

US space force claims there is a war going on in space
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Russia and China are launching "reversible attacks,"

US. Space Force's General David Thompson, the service's second in command, said last week that Russia and China are launching "reversible attacks," such as electronic warfare jamming, temporarily blinding optics with lasers, and cyber-attacks, on US satellites "every day".

Nvidia ARM deal unlikely
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Regulators weigh in

It is now officially less likely that Nvidia will be allowed to get its paws on ARM.

Take-Two appears to be IP trolling
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Could be the new Atari

Take-Two is heading towards becoming the new Atari and look towards IP trolling rather than making successful products, according to Tech Dirt. 

Europe’s top court says Facebook can be sued by consumer groups
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Privacy violations

Facebook could be sued by consumer groups for privacy violations, an adviser to Europe's top court said.

iPhone 13 demand slows
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02 December 2021

iPhone 13 demand slows

Apple tells suppliers orders will not happen

Apple has admitted to its suppliers that iPhone 13 demand has slowed.