Broadcom might buy VMware
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Price is right

Chipmaker Broadcom is in talks to acquire cloud service provider VMware.

Phone companies strap solar cells and windmills on phone towers
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Gotta get the energy bill down

While energy companies jack up prices and governments refuse to stop them, makers of phone gear are getting around the problem by strapping wind power and solar panels onto their towers.

Google claims its AI can understand humour
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Which is more than most Americans

Google claims it has written some AI code which can actually understand humour and scarcasm, which is odd really given that is something the US has never really understood.

Cryptocurrency needs to die in a fire
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Expert claims it is useless and destructive

A senior staff researcher at the International Computer Science Institute and lecturer in the computer science department at UC Berkeley has slammed cryptocurrency is useless and destructive, and should "die in a fire."

AMD finally releases Ryzen 7000
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Based on 5nm “Zen 4”

AMD has lifted the kimono on its much leaked but never seen AMD Ryzen 7000 Series desktop processors at Computex 2022.

Russia looks to China to replace Intel and AMD
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Match the Chinese tires on our military trucks

Tsar Putin has decided he does not need Intel and AMD when he can use Chinese chips which are just as fast and reliable as those decadent western chips, which are probably made by homosexuals.

SpaceX paid $250,000 to make Musk sex complaint disappear
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You can shut anyone up if you have enough cash

SpaceX reportedly paid a flight attendant $250,000 to ensure she didn’t speak out or sue the company after she claimed Elon Musk allegedly exposed himself and propositioned her for sex.

ASML "High-NA" version of EUV prototype ready
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A new $400 million machine will become flagship

ASML which makes the other chip-making gear that chipmakers depend on is rolling out a new prototype machine which it hopes will be its new flagship.

Microsoft backs down on cloud business terms
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Does not want to anger Brussels

Software King of the World Microsoft is attempting to avoid a full anti-trust inquiry in Europe by changing the terms and conditions of its cloud business.

Microsoft’s Bing censors “politically sensitive” Chinese names
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Don’t mention prominent Chinese dissidents

Software King of the World Microsoft is in hot water after its Bing search engine was caught censoring the names of prominent Chinese dissidents, and national political leaders.