Tame Apple Press is moist over a calculator app
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At last, Apple has invented something we can use

One of the sadder things we saw at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) was the Tame Apple Press getting all excited about a calculator app.

Don’t download Apple’s new iOS yet
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Beta is a bit buggy

While the Tame Apple Press touted the launch of Jobs’ Mob’s latest iOS as if it were a cure for cancer Apple fanboys might be insane to download the beta right away.

Apple brags about the worst smartphone updates in the industry
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If you have not upgraded after five years then Apple is not interested

The fruity cargo cult Apple has been telling the world that it will be offering security updates for its iPhone 15 pro for five years, seemingly unaware that its rivals offer them for much longer.

New Samsung foldable phone picture leaked
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Fans don’t seem that pleased

A Samsung  advert has "leaked" showing an image of its upcoming Galaxy Z series phones, the Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6. Fans seem disappointed with the reveal, as the picture shows no significant changes to the foldable phone design.

Google will hang onto your phone
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If you repair it with third-party parts

Once you start repairing your Google phone with third-party parts, you will have to keep doing it, or the search engine company will take it back, and you will never see it again.