Samsung confirms February launch for Galaxy S22 series
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Promises "the most noteworthy S series"

Samsung has confirmed that its next Galaxy Unpacked event will be held in February, promising the most noteworthy S series device they have ever created.

Qualcomm creates a processor with integrated SIM
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Backed by Thales, Vodafone, and Samsung

Qualcomm has come up with a mobile processor which has an integrated SIM and the technology is being backed by Vodafone, Samsung and Thales.

Samsung sings of new Galaxy S22
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Unpacked in February

Samsung has blogged that its next Galaxy Unpacked livestream will take place in February, and is likely to see the release of the “the next generation of Galaxy S” which is the Galaxy S22.

Tame Apple Press attacks Samsung for “falling behind on AR”
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Stop embarrassing Apple by showing its weaknesses on foldable phones

Now that news is starting leak out about Apple’s over-priced AR the Tame Apple Press is lowering its credibility by marketing it and rubbishing the competition.  

Apple asked to kill off its aging mobile technology
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Security problem waiting to happen

Fruity cargo cult Apple has been insisting that its phones operating ancient technology and now the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is begging it to stop.