Tsar Putin gets Linux to run on desktop and mobile
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Special operation

In Tsar Putin’s Russian there is no need for a different operating system on your phone and PC after its developers have developed a special edition that invades both.

Nokia's new cheap phone has feature not found on flagships
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5710 XpressAudio has in-built wireless earbuds 

The former maker of rubber wear, Nokia has released a super cheap phone which has a feature that Apple would be hyping the hell out of, if it had thought of it. 

Xiaomi 12T Pro to end up with a 200MP rear camera module
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According to leaked photos

There have been plenty of rumors regarding the upcoming Xiaomi 12T Pro, and now it appears that this will be Xiaomi's first phone with a 200MP rear camera sensor.

Apple comes up with a new iOS scheme
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Buy now and we will add features later 

Fruity cargo-cult Apple has come up with a wizard scheme which will sell iPhones without having to provide any new features.

Apple to increase adverts on user interface
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We need the money 

Cash-strapped Apple is apparently so poor that it has to turn its user interface into a bill board for advertising.