Apple sees way to make more money for less
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No port in a storm

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn in which Apple gets rid of all ports on its iPhone cash cow and goes completely wireless.

Chinese smartphone makers looking away from US
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US dependence is too risky

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo is increasing its its efforts to develop its own smartphone CPUs believing that US gear is too risky to have in your supply chain.

Cortex X speeds up phone by 30 percent
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High-performance PC SoCs too

Qualcomm introduced Prime core clocked rest from the cluster with Snapdragon 865, and Huawei had two higher clock performance cores in Kirin 990. With that in mind, ARM has introduced the Cortex-X custom program. The result is up to 30 percent peak performance compared to previous generation Cortex A77 cores.

Huawei loophole discovered which is hard to close
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Turns out that Huawei could get its paws on chips after all

US regulators hoping to punish Huawei for being a successful Chinese operation have discovered that their moves to stop companies supplying the company with chips have a big loophole.

Apple may sting users for earbuds
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They will not come with the phone any more

Just when you think that Apple could not work out another way to make its customers pay more for their phones, the fruity cargo cult has come up with another way to punish its users for following it.