Meta shareholder calls for staff cuts
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Company needs to get its mojo back with some good old fashion human sacrifice

Meta shareholder Brad Gerstner, from Altimeter Capital, has written an open letter to Meta calling on the company to “get its mojo back” by kicking out one in five of its staff.

Cloud gaming still pretty rubbish admits Microsoft
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Half baked

While the world+dog has been banging on about cloud gaming as if it was the next big thing, Microsoft says that the technology is still half baked and needs another few minutes in the oven.

US and UK enact data agreement
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All your data can be fondled by cops on both sides of the big water

The Data Access Agreement (DAA), by which the US and UK have agreed how one country can respond to lawful data demands from police and investigators in the other is now up and running.

Nvidia prepares its metaverse cloud
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Software-as-a-service is getting everywhere

Nvidia has become the latest company to start prepaing for the metaverse with a newly-announced Omniverse Cloud and jumping on the bandwagon of every other software company which does not want users to own their own software.

California Dreamin’ takes out Twitter data centre
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I'd be safe and warm If I was in L.A.

Extreme heat in California has left Twitter without one of its key data centres, and a company executive has warned that it is only a matter of time before more servers go dark.