Microsoft backs down on cloud business terms
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Does not want to anger Brussels

Software King of the World Microsoft is attempting to avoid a full anti-trust inquiry in Europe by changing the terms and conditions of its cloud business.

Amazon extends server life
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We can get another year out of them if we give them golden apples 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) says it will extend the useful life of the servers powering its cloud from four years to five, and its networking equipment from five years to six.

IBM releases new mainframe
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Runs on the IBM Telum processor

IBM a new mainframe which uns on the IBM Telum processor, which the company released last summer.

Russia will run out of data storage in two months
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Putin told to get off our cloud

As Tsar Putin invaded Ukraine and started to carpet bomb its cities, he apparently did not figure on running out of cloud space.

Ukraine prepares huge data shift
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Moving its online government over the borders

The Ukrainian government is preparing for the potential need to move its data and servers abroad if Russia's invading forces push deeper into the country.