Microsoft acquires CloudKnox
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Expanding security business

Software King of the World Microsoft has written a check for a cloud security start-up CloudKnox.

Windows goes cloudy
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Access Cloud PCs from anywhere

Software King of the World Microsoft is putting its operating system in the cloud.

Microsoft sharks up RiskIQ
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Wants to tighten up its cloudy security

Microsoft has agreed to acquire security outfit RiskIQ as part of its cunning plan to expand its products and better protect customers amid a rising tide of global cyberattacks.

Apple loves Google really
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Particularly on the cloud 

Apple executives have taken swipes at Google in the past over its privacy practices. But the iPhone maker trusts Google enough so that over the past year it has dramatically increased the amount of Apple user data it stores in Google's cloud

COVID-19 database was edited in Wuhan
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Old samples have re-emerged in Google cloud 

About a year ago, genetic sequences from more than 200 virus samples from early cases of Covid-19 in Wuhan disappeared from an online scientific database, however, some of them have apparently tipped up on the Google cloud.