Google buys Looker
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Regulators? who cares about regulators and privacy watchdogs

Search engine outfit Google has agreed to buy Looker, a business intelligence platform, for $2.6 billion in cash to bolster its cloud computing division by providing customers with more powerful data analytics.

Microsoft and Oracle link up their clouds
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Double the rain

Software King of the World Microsoft has decided to link its cloud with one belonging to the licence fee collector Oracle.

SoftwareONE buys InterGrupo
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Latin America moves

SoftwareONE has written a cheque for a controlling stake in InterGrupo, one of Latin America's cloud technology consulting and application modernisation providers. 

IBM spruces up Db2
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Adding AI and more data science

IBM is planning to improve its Db2 database by bringing in more data science and AI functions.

IBM using devices for early illness detection
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AI and IOT could detect diseases early

IBM is using artificial intelligence and connected devices to find new ways to help people stay healthy, according to the outfit’s Japanese office.