Use spare computer time to help research black holes
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Simulate a black hole in your PC

West Virginia University assistant professor Zachariah Etienne is launching " a volunteer computing effort" analysing gravitational waves from colliding black holes.

Pentagon snubs Oracle
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Rubbish for
Jedi you are

The Pentagon has snubbed Oracle for its $10 billion, decade-long JEDI cloud contract process and chosen Amazon and Microsoft instead.

Complexity could derail cloud
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Microservices network and app management technologies needed

The cloud's complex infrastructure is derailing application platforms and cloud-native services market and there is a need for microservices network and app management technologies.

SAP cloud boss quits
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More exits at SAP

The maker of expensive esoteric business software which no one is sure what it does, SAP, appears to be having trouble keeping senior managers.

Amazon fulfilment teams celebrates Oracle database switch off
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So happy to get shot of it

Amazon employees working in  fulfilment teams which handle inventory and shipping at the online retail giant have opened the champers after getting Oracle off their company servers.