Microsoft takes Minecraft off Amazon’s cloud
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Stop supporting its rival

Microsoft will stop relying on Amazon to help it run the popular Minecraft video game.

AMD and Google team up on Confidential Computing
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Predicting an EPYC future   

Google has teamed up with AMD to offer cloud based private, encrypted services that are intended to give users confidence that they are always in control over the confidentiality of their data. Google Cloud encrypts data at-rest and in-transit, but customer data must be decrypted for processing.

Oracle parks its tanks on Amazon’s lawn
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Installs its servers in enterprise customers’ premises

Oracle has announced a package for enterprise customers which it says will give them the full benefits of the company’s public cloud services while retaining all their data on-premise.

Apple’s data tracking was not as good as thought
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Turns out Jobs’ Mob could not predict the future

Apple’s new data tracking human mobility trends service has turned out disappointing as it could not predict the future as believed.

Xilinx announces two streaming server appliances
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Real-Time Server Appliances for High-Quality, Low-Cost Live Video Streaming

Two things happened since March and the COVID-19 virus-induced crisis. Gaming grew, and streaming grew, among total internet use, teleconferencing, and home office explosion. Xilinx announced two real-time server appliances to offer high quality, low-cost live video streaming platform.