Apple did not bring in end-to-end encryption of iCloud
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Appears to have caved to FBI pressue

Apple quickly caved to FBI pressure and decided not to encrypt iCloud backups a couple of years ago. Thank goodness nobody would ever try hacking an iCloud account to get compromising photos or data.

SAP having German renaissance
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Apparently working AWS is a bigger mystery

The maker of expensive management software, which no-one is really sure what does, is doing well in Germany because companies are even more bemused by Amazon Web Services.

Microsoft is the most popular supplier of public cloud services
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Amazon still makes the most cash

A Goldman Sachs survey of technology executives at large companies last month showed that Microsoft remained the most popular supplier of public cloud services, while Amazon leads the market overall in terms of revenue.

Data centres are not environmentally sustainable
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High impact on the climate

The huge numbers of data centres and internet-connected technology are demanding more power than the planet can safely supply, according to experts.

Amazon blames Trump for Jedi loss
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"Named must be your fear before banish it you can"

Amazon accused US President Donald Trump of exerting “improper pressure” and bias that led the Department of Defense to award a lucrative $10 billion cloud contract to Microsoft.