Venerable Financial Times goes cloudy
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Everything on the Cloud

The 132-year-old Financial Times has managed to get its entire operation onto the cloud and save money by closing its data centres.

Apple’s cloud tanks over Chrimbo
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All that reliability

On the day after Christmas, Apple noted that some users were still having a problem with the storage service.

UK doing well on hybrid cloud
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Every one has a silver lining

Nutanix has released its third global Enterprise Cloud Index survey showing that UK companies are doing well compared with the rest of the world when it comes to hybrid cloud adoption.

Amazon was brought down by new servers
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Too many threads brought down the cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has revealed the actual cause of the massive outage that impacted thousands of online sites and services, including Amazon's own services, last week.

Norse start worshipping clouds again
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Frig back in business

Public cloud adoption in the Nordic countries is surging according to a new report published today by the Information Services Group (ISG).