Amazon announces AWS Private 5G
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For those wanting to use 5G to build private network

Amazon has announced the preview of “AWS Private 5G,” which is a new service that aims to make it easy to deploy and manage your own private 5G network.

Texas about to stuff up its power grid for cryptocurrency miners
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At this rate the Mexicans will not want it back

Texas, which has one of the most dodgy power grids in the US, is about to be hit by a surge in demand for electricity that's twice the size of Austin's as part of local government policy.

Mainframe based companies want more cloud
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Can’t get the staff these days

Faced with staff shortages, companies dependent on mainframes want to lean more on cloud applications.

Nokia plans cloud-based software subscription service
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For telecoms companies

Nokia plans to launch a cloud-based software subscription service targeting telecom companies for providing software around analytics, security and data management.

Chinese metaverse will obey rules
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No Pooh in perfect socialist Utopia

Chinese social media giant Tencent Holdings expects Beijing to allow 'metaverse' virtual environment services to operate in China - provided they fall in line with Chinese rules.