Opera set to harmonise with blockchain domain
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Decentralised web moves

Chromium-based web browser Opera is all set to fully integrate with blockchain domain name provider Unstoppable Domains.

IBM grows thanks to cloud
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Beats Wall Street

IBM recorded the highest quarterly sales growth in more than two years and beat Wall Street targets on Monday, thanks to its cloud operations.

OneDrive finally moves to 64-bit
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Took Microsoft rather a long time

Software king of the world Microsoft is finally getting around to offering a version of OneDrive which is  64-bit.

Microsoft submerges cloud servers in liquid
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Apparently, it improves things

Microsoft is starting to submerge its servers in liquid to improve their performance and energy efficiency.

Apple programming strikes again on the iCloud
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Can’t tell users from Boolean

Apple software genii, who write code that cannot handle transitions for summertime, have written a splendid piece of code for the iCloud which gets frightfully confused by some users' names.