Microsoft snubs Intel on Hololens
Published in IoT

Qualcomm's 'Always Connected' Snapdragon 850 SoC gets the nod

Software king of the world Microsoft has decided not to use Intel chips in its second generation HoloLens mixed reality headset.

Imagination Technologies announces PowerVR Series3NX
Published in IoT

For automotive, mobile, smart surveillance and IoT edge devices.

Imagination Technologies announced PowerVR Series3NX, its latest neural network accelerator (NNA) architecture.

Bed company denies it is recording users
Published in IoT

I can hear what you are doing Dave and I am telling

Owners of an IoT bed were a little shocked when the company changed its user agreement to effectively allow it to record what they get up to.

Second generation of light IoT networks powers up
Published in IoT

LiFi-integrated lighting and networking

First of a new, wider range of LiFi-enabled lights hits the market that its makers claim is faster, simpler and more efficient.

Google patents VR trainers
Published in IoT

You can move in any direction without going outside

Search engine outfit Google has patented a pair of trainers which allow you to walk in VR. This means that IT nerds will never have to go “outside” again, with all the attendant dangers that brings.