Fitbit has five staff members facing criminal charges
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Its woes get worse

Fitness watch maker Fitbit is having a few financial problems at the moment, but things appear to be getting worse after six of its staff are facing criminal charges for nicking technology.

Sharp's path to IoT littered with litter
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Intelligent loo for cats

Sharp's IoT plans have entered into a new category which should see some fur flying with competitors who might go a bit potty.

Smart devices will quintuple
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All thanks to 5G say swedish seers

The number of connected smart devices is set to quintuple over the next five years as new high speed 5G networks become available to handle their traffic, according to telecom equipment maker Ericsson.

Rockwell buys into PTC
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Wants a piece of the smart manufacturing market

Rockwell Automation said on Monday it would buy an 8.4 percent stake in PTC for $1 billion as it looks to build on its software capabilities to make smarter manufacturing processes for customers.

Apple's gold watch is now obsolete
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For $10,000 it is getting Beyoncé a joke

The fruity cargo cult Apple has shown how pointless it is to spend cash on its high end gear by obsoleting its most stupidly expensive product two years after releasing it.