Chipzilla says desktop 10nm is still a thing
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Denies rumours it is walking straight to 7nm

Chipzilla has growled at rumours that it is planning to ditch the 10nm production process for its desktop CPUs and was instead set to jump straight from the 14nm+++ lineup into 7nm desktop processors.

G.Skill releases new 32GB DDR4 memory modules
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With 256GB kits in tow

G.Skill has announced its new 32GB DDR4 memory module which will be the base for a couple of new memory kits, including a high capacity 256GB (8x32GB) kit.

Superconductor material could be cool for quantum cats
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B-Bi2Pd needs no magnetic fields

Researchers from the Johns Hopkins University describe a superconducting material, B-Bi2Pd, that naturally exists in a quantum state without the additional influence of magnetic fields usually needed for such an effect.

AMD server win squeezes ARM
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Ampere on life support?

The recent success of AMD’s 7nm 64 core Rome powerhouse is very bad news for ARM's server efforts. Over time, Calxeda and many others failed, and Cavium by Marvell and Ampere don’t seem to be better either. AMD is just jeopardizing last chances for all existing ARM players to make any meaningful footprint on the data center and server market.

Intel kills Kaby Lake G
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AMD and Intel collaboration seems so young

Chipzilla is getting rid of its Kaby Lake G – the unlikely chip which crossed a 7th-gen Kaby Lake CPU with a unique AMD Radeon RX Vega GPU.