Ice Lake Xeons disappoint
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Chew more power than Cascade Lake

Intel’s latest Ice Lake Xeons are likely to be a huge disappointment to data centre customers as they suck up more power than the previous Cascade Lake generation.

G.Skill announces Z5i mini-ITX PC case
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With unique design and excellent hardware support

G.Skill has unveiled its new Z5i mini-ITX PC case, with a unique pentagonal prism design, curved tempered glass side panels, and great flexibility when it comes to cooling, GPU support, and more, all packed in a minimalistic and compact PC case.

Noctua officially launches NH-P1 passive CPU cooler
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With LS-PWM fan for semi-fanless systems

Noctua has now officially announced its NH-P1 CPU cooler which is an all-passive solution but will be offered with an optional NF-A12x25 LS-PWM 120mm fan for a semi-fanless option.

AMD patents new microarchitecture
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Similar to ARM's big.LITTLE

AMD has patented a different method of moving threads between different types of cores in a heterogeneous processor which is similar to ARM's big.LITTLE design.

Intel is back as number one
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But only one to see a sales decline

Chipzilla is the #1 semiconductor maker in the world despite being the only one in the top 15 to post a sales decline.