Intel and AMD’s next battle could be interesting for gamers
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3D V-cache versus increased clock speeds

The next-generation CPUs could be an interesting time for gamers as Intel and AMD square off with some different concepts.

Intel’s Arc requirement puzzles
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Apparently it must have an optimised BAR

Intel has published a puzzling requirement for its Arc GPUs – apparently the PCIe Resiable BAR (ReBAR) feature must be enabled for "optimal" performance.

Intel Arc launches in Asia to a big of a yawn
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Barely to compete with AMD’s RX 6400

Chipzilla has released its Arc Alchemist GPU lineup in Asia only to find reviewers unenthused.

Raptor Lake will support older DDR4 RAM
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Leaked list of Asrock Z790 and H770 motherboards reveals

It appears that Intel’s 13th Gen Raptor Lake will continue to support DDR4.

Threadripper goes DIY
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One socket world

AMD is making changes for its Threadripper ranges to make them a little more DIY.