Intel investing $20 billion in Ohio chip plant
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Moving back to America

Chipzilla has lifted the kimono on its plans to invest at least $20 billion in new chip-making capacity in Ohio.

Aussies have Quantum processor breakthrough
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Create kangaroos which are potentially dead or alive

Aussie boffins have come up with a way which paves the way for large silicon-based quantum processors for real-world manufacturing and application.

Intel Celeron G6900 pretty pants at AAA games
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Golden Cove cores do not cut the mustard 

Reviewers are starting to notice how Intel Celeron G6900 cant really handle AAA class games.

Apple loses another chip expert
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It just can’t keep them

While the Tame Apple Press claims that Jobs’ Mob is about to replace Intel as the world’s top chip maker, the fruity cargo cult can’t keep experienced personnel.

Samsung was no show at the big Exynos 2200 chip event
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No one knows why

Samsung failed to show up for its big Exynos 2200 chip announcement, and it is unclear why.