Pat Gelsinger is the new Intel CEO
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Rejoins as a CEO after 12 years of absence

Back in mid-September 2009, we were sad to report that Kicking Pat Gelsinger was leaving Intel to take the CEO chair at EMC, later VMware. Now one of the key minds behind Pentium is coming back to the place that he still calls home, Intel.

Intel announces new NUC 11 mini PCs
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Coming in four versions this time

Intel has rather quietly introduced the new NUC 11 mini PCs, which will now be available in four different versions, covering a couple of market segments, ranging from integrators, embedded, desktop, to gaming high-end markets.

MSI shows its PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs at CES 2021
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Writing at up to 6,900MB/s

At its special MSI Premiere 2021 - Tech For The Future event at CES 2021, MSI produced a rather pleasant surprise, unveiling its first PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD.

BeagleV board announced
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RISC-V runs Linux

Seeed Studios have teamed up with well-known SBC vendor BeagleBoard to produce an affordable RISC-V system designed to run Linux.

Qualcomm acquires Nuvia
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Analysis: Now has an in house custom CPU

Nuvia is a promising two-year-old startup with the outstanding possibility to disrupt the custom ARM-based CPU market. As of yesterday, Qualcomm has agreed to acquire them for around $1.4 billion.