SiFive aims to carve a niche in the chip business
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Risc-V business

New startup SiFive has released its Performance P650 chip which offers a 50 percent speed boost over the P550 that arrived in June.

Microsoft says it is making progress on DNA storage
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Reached the minimum speed for viability

Microsoft making some headway, working with the University of Washington's Molecular Information Systems Laboratory, or MISL in creating a nanoscale DNA storage writer.

Intel updates old tech in secret lab
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Runs security tests

Chipzilla has a secret lab which hires more than 100,000 staff, whose only job is to make sure that security tests are carried out on its more ancient tech, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Intel’s Meteor Lake looking rather good
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Now if they can only get it into the shops

The new Intel 14th Gen Core "Meteor Lake" CPU which should be out in 2023 is looking rather good, if Chipzilla can turn around its historically bad luck at getting products into the shops on time.

Samsung will build an advanced US chip plant in Texas
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Still cheap enough to be third world

Samsung Electronics has decided to build an advanced US chip plant in Texas.