Google spends a billion dollars on new submarine cables
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Godzilla gets faster internet and more cat videos

Google has unveiled plans to invest $1 billion in two new submarine cables, Proa and Taihei, forging fresh digital pathways between the US and Japan.

UK Tories mull banning phone sales to kids
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Hope to capture the yoof vote

The UK Tory government, brimming with confidence in its prospects for the next election, has taken a bold step by proposing a ban on the sales of mobile phones to kids.

Apple warns users wordwide its iPhones are insecure
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Could be subject to "mercenary spyware" attacks

Fruity cargo cult Apple sent threat notifications to iPhone users in 92 countries, warning that they may be in the crosshairs of “mercenary spyware attacks.”

Apple tries to breath life into sluggish sales
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Claims it is going to overhaul its entire Mac line

Realising it is about to have its clock cleaned by Microsoft and Qualcomm, the fruity cargo cult Apple has been leaking to its chums in the Tame Apple Press that it is about to release an entire Mac line with a new family of in-house processors designed to highlight AI.

US chip renaissance faces a skills problem
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Labour shortage 

The US is in a pickle if it hopes to spark a chip-building renaissance without the aid of inexpensive Chinese labour. A fresh report in the Wall Street Journal cautions that the US lacks the manpower to staff its heavily subsidised fabs.

Unpatchable flaw in tech giants' hardware
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Been there for years

Intel and Lenovo, among others, have been flogging hardware with an unfixable security flaw for years. Due to a supply chain oversight involving an open-source software package and hardware from various manufacturers.

DJI unveils the Avata 2 FPV drone
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Less expensive and with longer battery life

DJI has officially unveiled the new Avata 2 FPV drone, and, surprisingly, it is not only better but also less expensive than its predecessor. The new drone will have better image quality from its 12MP camera, longer flight time, better transmission range, and more.

Amazon's cloudy patent payout pandemonium
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Cloud produces heavy rain for Amazon

 Amazon's cloud-computing juggernaut, AWS, has been fined $525 million (€493.5 million) by a jury for nicking Kove's data-storage secrets.

FSP Group introduces new VITA GM line of PSUs
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In black and white, and up to 1000W

FSP Group has introduced its new VITA GM line of power supply units (PSUs), which will be available in outputs of up to 1000W, 80 PLUS Gold rating, and modular design.

Corsair unveils new DDR5 RDIMM ECC memory kits
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For workstation market

Corsair has unveiled its new line of WS DDR5 RDIMM memory kits, aimed to be used with the latest 4th gen Intel Xeon and AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000 series processors.