AMD officially announces Radeon RX 6600 XT
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7nm Navi 23 GPU with 2,048 SPs

AMD has officially announced its newest Radeon RY 6600 XT graphics card, the latest addition to the RDNA2-based graphics card. AMD is marketing the Radeon RX 6600 XT as a perfect graphics card for "high refresh rate 1080p gaming", and compares this $379-priced card with Nvidia GTX 1060.

Amazon falls to leave the atmosphere
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It's what happens when your CEO is trying to get into orbit

It seems that Amazon might be playing the price for its CEO’s obsession about getting into space.

Huawei shows off the phone westerners can’t buy
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P50 and P50 Pro

Huawei has revealed its latest P50 and P50 Pro in an online event Thursday, each of which is getting a China-only release.

French billionaire wants to buy Iliad
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RAGE: Sing, Goddess, Achilles' rage, Black and murderous,

French tycoon Xavier Niel, the founder and controlling shareholder of telecoms firm Iliad, is making a 3.1 billion euro offer to buy the remaining shares in the company and take it private.

Tesla pays $1.5 million to make battery class action go away
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Throttling stopped cars from catching fire

in 2019, Tesla pushed an over-the-air update to its Model S sedans following an incident when the vehicle caught fire in a Hong Kong car park.

Apple updates watch software
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Massive security flaw

Apple is urging owners of the Apple Watch to urgently install the update to watchOS 7.6.1. due to a huge security flaw which has already been exploited.

Windows 11 goes to beta
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Not just for developers, or virus variants

Microsoft has released the first beta of Windows 11, available to those enrolled in its Windows Insider Programme.

Older Kindles about to die
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Apple cracks down on leakers
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Wants the names and addresses of those who spilt the beans

Fruity cargo cult Apple is threatening those who managed to get their hands on details of its products from insiders.

Activision Blizzard employees walkout
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Bosses response to sexism show backward company 

Managers at Activision Blizzard faced a walkout after their policy of arrogantly denying that they were sexually discriminating against women and racial minorities faced a backlash.