AMS slashes forecast
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16 November 2018

AMS slashes forecast

Blames poor iPhone sales

Austria’s AMS which makes facial recognition technology became the latest Apple supplier to cut its revenue forecast due to the fruity cargo cult’s flagging iPhone sales.

Nvidia hit by crypto hangover
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Shares plummet

The chipmaker names after a Roman vengeance demon has warned of dark times ahead.

Japanese cybersecurity tsar does not touch computers
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Claims he does not need them

Japanese lawmakers were shocked to discover that its Cybersecurity tsar does not touch computers and claims he has no need for them.

F-35s can be taken over by hackers
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Who needs rockets

F-35 is more likely to be bought down by an enemy hacker than a rocket or enemy plane.

Google Schafts disaster robot unit
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Human Robots not working for Google

Google’s Schaft, which develops bipedal robots to helping in disaster efforts, is being shut down.

Trumpsters create game to kill minorities
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While defending Trump

A new computer game that allows you to slaughter gay men, Jews, minorities and journalists while protecting Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump is out..

A robot is the new super-hod
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Can build a house in three days

The days of skilled brick-layers making a fortune are coming to a close after a bricklaying robot named Hadrian was described in 2015 by Australian firm Fastbrick Robotics as capable of building the brick shell of a house in a matter of days, and it has now managed to complete the task.

Sony celebrates Playstation 4 5th anniversary
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New COD: Black Ops 4 bundle and some stats so far

Sony is celebrating the fifth birthday of the Playstation 4 and has both announced a  new bundle and revealed some numbers regarding the aging console.

Intel confirms its support for VESA Adaptive Sync
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Says it has the widest impact and install base

After an initial report, Intel has now confirmed it will support Adaptive Sync, rather than focus on a proprietary solution.

Nvidia confirms RTX 2080 Ti bugs with early batch
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Still nothing serious, according to Nvidia

There has been a lot of talk regarding issues with Nvidia's latest flagship RTX 2080 Ti graphics cards but, according to Nvidia, it is nothing serious and unusual, and the company is still working with those affected by the problem.