Russians launch Apple and Google app replacement store
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RuStore supposed to replace the west

Russian Internet group VK launched a homemade app store. The company is hoping that this new store will replace all the Western alternatives.

Wisconsin worried it might have to foot Foxconn bill
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$300 million a year

For five years, Foxconn failed to build a much-hyped sprawling factory in Wisconsin and now local politicians fear that they will be saddled with a $300 million a year bill to maintain a site that the outfit walked away from.

Democrats might abandon big tech constraints
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Terrified of losing the election if their employers get cross

A bipartisan legislative effort to rein in the nation's largest tech companies is facing fresh resistance from a faction of Senate Democrats who are worried that Big Tech will cut off their lobbying money before they go into an election.

Epic Games has another bash at Apple
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Third party apps will not compromise security otherwise your Mac would be wide open

In a new court filing, Epic Games challenges Apple’s position that third-party app stores would compromise the iPhone’s security.

US Republicans want Google and Apple to ban Chinese Apps
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Make America grate again

Republican Senators want to bar U.S. app stores including Apple and Google from hosting apps that allow payments to be made with China's digital currency,

Microsoft’s cloud gaming stick is no longer a rumour
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Still not quite ready for market

The Dark Satanic Rumour Mill has been claiming that Microsoft has been working on a streaming stick for Xbox Cloud Gaming using an affordable dongle for a while, but it turns out that the stories were true.

Microsoft ex used VR to watch erotic pillow fight
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In the office

Software King of the World Microsoft apparently has a problem with its managers using VR to watch soft porn in the office.

Nvidia warns of trouble ahead
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But while there's moonlight, music, and love, and romance let's face the music and dance

Nvidia beat analyst expectations for sales and earnings, but the stock dropped more than 10 per cent in extended trading at one point after the chipmaker gave a light forecast for the current quarter and warned of trouble ahead.

Ryzen 7000 CPU release could sort out DDR5 memory price stalemate
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Company expects prices to fall

When AMD revealed its Ryzen 7000 CPUs at Computex 2022 there were questions from the floor about how it expects to sell when DDR5 costs about as much as a gold-plated Bugatti Veyron.

We are only half way through the chip shortage
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Intel warns

Chipzilla boss [Kicking] Pat Gelsinger said that while the chip shortage is starting to improve, it will likely continue for at least another 18 months.