Wall Street not that happy with Broadcom
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Slowing growth and dull 2020

Broadcom fourth-quarter earnings beat Street estimates on Thursday, but investors were put off by slowing growth in the semiconductor business and a lukewarm revenue forecast for 2020.

Norway choses Sweden over Huawei
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Even after a decade's 4G collaboration, Chinese not secure enough for Vikings

Telenor has picked Sweden’s Ericsson as the key technology provider for its fifth-generation (5G) telecoms network in Norway replacing China’s Huawei after a decade of collaboration over 4G.

Chinese deliver blow to Apple where it hurts
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No one believes in the cargo cult any more

Apple's iPhone shipments in China fell more than 35 percent in November, marking their second straight double-digit decline as sales of the cheaper iPhone 11 remained sluggish.

Chinese working on a home operating system
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Part of the glorious plan to rip out foreign software

The two biggest OS (operating system) makers in China announced plans last week to unite and jointly build a new "domestic operating system".

Samsung finds a million to buy $2000 foldable phone
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Expect more next year

Samsung Electronic’s President Young Sohn claims that his outfit had flogged a million foldable Galaxy Fold smartphones.

US people will not pay more than $1000 for a smartphone
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Unless they are really really stupid and rich

Beancounters at analyst outfit NPD have added up some numbers and worked out that less than 10 percent of Americans are actually spending $1,000 or more on a smartphone.

Microsoft's console looks more like a PC
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The PC is the way forward

Software King of the World Microsoft revealed the name and console design of its next-generation gaming console: Xbox Series X.

Oppo Find X2 flagship will be more in focus
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Custom made Sony sensor

Oppo's next flagship phone, the Find X2 with have faster and more accurate autofocus (AF), thanks to a custom-made Sony sensor.

Aussies insist Google and Facebook be "fair dinkum"
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Follow the anti-trust rules or be regulated

Australia said technology giants such as Facebook and Google will have to agree to new rules to ensure they do not abuse their market power and damage competition, or the government will impose new controls on them.

Apple fixes Intelligent Tracking Protection system
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It was neither intelligent and could be tracked

The software genii at the fruity cargo cult Apple have had to updated its Intelligent Tracking Protection (ITP) system in its WebKit browser engine because it could be tracked.