2020: The Year of 5G, AI and Automotive
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Part One: 5G 

It all comes down to a single very memorable date, February 29, 2000, which was the first time I published an international article at The Register. Twenty years and thousands of stories later, I am ready to share some of my predictions for 2020. Let me start with 5G. 

Microsoft’s new Xbox will not ship with reason to buy
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Xbox Series X will not have true first-party exclusives

Software King of the World Microsoft has decided that its new Xbox, the Xbox Series X, will launch without true first-party exclusives – which some in the industry think is going to kill the console stone dead.

Apple did not bring in end-to-end encryption of iCloud
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Appears to have caved to FBI pressue

Apple quickly caved to FBI pressure and decided not to encrypt iCloud backups a couple of years ago. Thank goodness nobody would ever try hacking an iCloud account to get compromising photos or data.

SAP having German renaissance
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Apparently working AWS is a bigger mystery

The maker of expensive management software, which no-one is really sure what does, is doing well in Germany because companies are even more bemused by Amazon Web Services.

Wordpad gets adverts
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22 January 2020

Wordpad gets adverts

I am so old I remember when everything was free once you paid for it

Software king of the world Microsoft has decided that Wordpad should be generating it a little more revenue and is going to host adverts.

Ubisoft goes after DDoS website
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Thou shalt not cheat and then take the mickey

Ubisoft is going after website selling DDoS services that were used to launch attacks against Rainbow Six Siege servers.

State intervenes in Riot Games gender discrimination case
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Payout should be 40 times that

Riot Games thought that paying out $10 million to female employees as part of a settlement over a gender discrimination class would be enough to make the case go away, but it turns out they had not considered the pesky government.

Facebook related crimes rise in UK
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55,643 crimes linked to social networking

There have been a total of 55,643 crimes linked to Facebook, according to official police figures. The news comes following the revelation that social media firms will be legally required to protect children from harmful content under the first-ever code to police the internet, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Qualcomm rolls out three new Snapdragon mobile chipsets
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Entry-level SD 460, SD 662, and the gaming-oriented SD 720G

Qualcomm has announced three Snapdragon mobile chipset to cover the entry-leve and mid-range smartphone markets, the Snapdragon 460, Snapdragon 662, and the gaming-oriented Snapdragon 720G.

ADATA working on three PCIe 4.0 consumer SSDs
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Pearl, Indigo, and Sage

It appears that there will be plenty of PCIe 4.0-based NVMe on the market soon, as ADATA is currently working on a total of three new PCIe 4.0 SSDs, called Pearl, Indigo, and Sage.