Micron releases 2550 NVMe SSDm
Published in PC Hardware

First SSD with 232-layer NAND

Micron Technology has launched a new 232-layer solid-state drive (SSD) using NAND which does not require power to retain data.

Nvidia plans price drop of RTX 4080
Published in Graphics

Competing with AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX

With AMD's Radeon RX 7900 XTX out in a week, rivals Nvidia are planning to cut the price of its RTX 4080 to compete.

Microsoft working on a new compute cartridge for Surface Hub
Published in PC Hardware

Brings 11 Gen Intel chips to the mix

Microsoft's Surface Hub 2 has a rather natty feature which allows punters to upgrade or repair the device's guts by undoing a screw and sliding out the compute module containing the CPU, RAM, motherboard, and other components you might want to refresh.

Apple sued for helping stalkers
Published in Mobiles

AirTag's comedy security had serious implications

Two women are suing Apple saying that the outfit's security on its AirTag devices were used by their former partners to stalk them.

Apple's self-driving electric car will need a human driver
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A super-cool feature that no one else has invented 

Fruity cargo-cult Apple will try to flog a "super-cool" self-driving electric car with the unique feature not thought of by those in the car industry -- its cars will use a human to drive them.

Facebook's moderation systems for "high profile users" favour Meta
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No priority for free speech and civil rights

A policy which protects "high-profile" Facebook and Instagram users from moderation was structured so it did not prioritise protecting free speech and civil rights and was designed to protect the social notworking giant's interests.

European Commission failed to protect Africans from surveillance
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Didn't check if the cash could be spent on spying

The European Ombudsman has found that the European Commission failed to take necessary measures to protect human rights by transferring surveillance technology to African governments.

SWAT team looking for a stolen iPhone swoops in on retired postal worker
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Faith in Apple tech wasted cash and risked lives

A Denver detective lead a SWAT team into a retired woman's home to rescue what he believed was a stolen iPhone 11.

Apple finally pays out for dodgy butterfly keyboards
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Better late than never 

Fruity cargo cult Apple has finally agreed to pay compensation for the users of its dodgy butterfly keyboard experience after denying that it had done anything wrong.

Apple illegally threatened workers
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Union busting

Fruity cargo cult Apple has been accused of illegally interrogating and making coercive statements to employees during a union drive at one of its retail stores in Atlanta, Georgia.