Nvidia Geforce NOW takes a different approach with publishers
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Big cleanup possible as of May 31st

Nvidia is has decided to adopt a new Geforce NOW approach for publishers and while the service has been used by millions of gamers around the world and has over 200 publishers on board, things might change on May 31st.

PlayStation 2 is still the king of the consoles
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Nintendo DS is the runner up

Research by Learnbods.com has revealed that approximately 1.56 billion game consoles of different brands have been sold globally. The data obtained indicates the PlayStation 2 accounts for the biggest share with 10.07 percent.

Halo 3 beta tested in June
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Somewhere in the middle

343 Industries has confirmed that public testing of Halo 3 for PC will start in the first half of June.

Xaviant creates the worst business model in history
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Makes Apple and EA look like saints

While the gaming industry experiments with all sorts of dodgy business practices to get gamers to part with their cash such as Loot boxes, pay-to-play and other microtransactions, Xaviant might have taken such fuckwittery to a whole new level.

Tencent doing well in gaming boom
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But warns of normality hitting soon

Tencent benefitted from the lockdowns in China, when bored people entertained themselves even more than usual with online games. But analysts – and Tencent itself – cautioned that a lot of the pandemic-driven gaming boost can’t carry forward as people have returned to work after China lifted most lockdowns.