Amazon makes Alexa more proactive
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Can put your lights out

Amazon is enabling a new feature today that allows Alexa to proactively complete tasks around the house, such as turning off lights, based on your habits and frequent requests.

AI revenue to increase by 120 percent
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Headed for $110 Billion

The cognitive and artificial intelligence systems market worldwide has been on the rise in recent years and is projected to reach even higher heights in the near future.

Latest Roomba i3+ launched
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AI meets cleaning pinnacle

Roomba has been one of the top names in the robot vacuum industry and the company has launched the new Roomba i3+ for the UK market and wider. The new cleaning robot has s self cleaning option, impressive home intelligence powered by AI.

Google thinks its language AI can manage a trillion parameters
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Can’t be worse than what it has now

While firms are under the mistaken believe that they can save a buck or two on translation services using AI, the technology is a long way away from being remotely reliable. So Google boffins have been flat out trying to make it better.

Masks no problem for NEC's facial recognition
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Look into my eyes

NEC has launched a facial recognition system that identifies people even when they are wearing masks, adapting to a new normal where face coverings have become a key form of protection against the spread of the coronavirus.