AI Facial tracking on the rise
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Following China

 A number of countries are following China’s lead in deploying artificial intelligence to track citizens, according to a report compiled by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Huawei's Hu has high hopes on his horizon
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It's computing, Jim, but not as we know it

Ken Hu, deputy chairman of Huawei, kicked off the Advanced Intelligence conference here in Shanghai by “keynoting” about the future of computing.

Chip wars take startling new twist
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Advance Intelligence:
ARMed and ready?

At a press conference here in Shanghai, a senior executive at Huawei suggested that Intel and X86 CPUs aren't up to coping with heavy lifting.

Xilinx Developer Forum 2019 starts October 1
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Adaptive intelligent world

Last year was the first time that Xilinx held a massive Xilinx Developers forum, and on October 1 and 2, the company plans the annual event over again. Victor Peng, President, and Chief Executive Officer is expected to give us an update on adaptable intelligent world vision.

AI is now an eighth grade nerd
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Gets 90 percent in a science test

Four years ago, more than 700 computer scientists competed in a contest to build artificial intelligence that could pass an eighth grade science test.