AI can’t patent inventions in the UK
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So they can't be trolls either

The UK Court of Appeal has ruled that AI cannot invent new patents under British law.

Britain wants to be an artificial intelligence superpower
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Because it is short on regular intelligence

The nation which voted for Boris Johnson and Brexit and gave the world reality television apparently has drawn up a glorious ten year plan to be the world leaders of artificial intelligence.

Oracle automates digital marketing
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Sells qualified leads

Oracle announced on Monday a new system that it says will use artificial intelligence to automate key parts of digital marketing campaigns.

Mossad used an AI assisted remote controlled gun to kill a boffin
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Took 14 years

For 14 years Israel had wanted to kill Iran's chief military nuclear scientist and the father of its weapons programme, and last November it used a robotic AI machine gun to do it, according to the New York Times.

AI based job software is making huge mistakes
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Good workers ignored 

Companies relying on AI software to choose their staff are losing good workers because it is not working.