Developers not going to be replaced by AI yet
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Amazon says it is science fantasy

Fears that developers jobs be taken by machines have been dismissed by Amazon big wig Vasi Philomin.

Google experiments with RISC-V
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All our AI will be open saucy 

SiFive RISC-V chips are being used by Google to run some of its AI workloads and tested in Google datacentres.

Teen arrested for GTA 6 leaks
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Likely to be connected to Rockstar's security breach

Inspector Knacker of the Yard has fingered the collar of a teen who is suspected of hacking Rock Star and leaking shedloads of videos and screen shots from the forthcoming GTA 6 game.

AI lets cameras catch you on your mobile
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Something else they can fine you for 

UK coppers are using an AI-based camera system to catch drivers using mobile phones or not wearing a seat belt.

Boffins warn that no one could control an AI supercomputer
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If we are dumb enough to give a supercomputer that functionality we are truly stuffed

Top boffins have warned that if humanity ever gives a super computer AI level functions, we are as doomed as a country whose chancellor signed over most of his countries' energy needs to Russia.