Xilinx announces Alveo U55C most powerful accelerator card
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HBM2 Purpose-built for HPC and big data

Xilinx has introduced the most powerful accelerator card ever purpose-built for HPC and big data workloads. It will launch with the Alveo U55C to target even bigger big data workloads from its predecessor. The new card uses new HBM2 memory, doubles the capacity, and uses a new form factor.

AI systems are really racist
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Even the doctors

AI systems being developed to diagnose skin cancer run the risk of being less accurate for people with dark skin, research suggests.

Office 365 will get integrated AI
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What are you writing Dave?

Microsoft is introducing what it calls a "set of natively integrated AI experiences" across Microsoft 365.

Intel open sources bug checker
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AI based

Intel has open-sourced ControlFlag , a tool that uses machine learning to detect problems in computer code -- ideally to reduce the time required to debug apps and software.

Robot arrested for spying
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Egypt cracks down on robot artist

The Egyptian government detained a robot artist claiming that "she" was a spy.