Microsoft claims AI is neither artificial or intelligent
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The Vole nose

Microsoft researcher Kate Crawford has told the Guardian that AI as we know it is neither artificial or intelligent.

Amazon’s routing algorithm forces drivers into traffic
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If only there was good AI software to do the job

The routing algorithm designed for its Flex app by Amazon’s research scientists often makes Amazon delivery drivers cross two- or three-lane highways.

Google calls off Deepmind talks
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We don't want free-thinking here

Senior managers at Google artificial-intelligence unit DeepMind have been negotiating for years with the parent company for more autonomy.

Twitter crops out black people
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AI is racist

Twitter’s image-cropping algorithm appears to have a problem with race and tends to delete  black people from the frame.

Italian AI is now predicting the shape of violins
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Allows new designs and materials

AI will design the next generations of violins according to in a study published on Nature Scientific Reports by Politecnico di Milano.