2021 will be the Year of AI
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Companies might get the hang of it says Forrester

Next year will see companies finally get the hang of AI and start to fix problems associated with it such as a lack of trust and imagination, poor data quality, little data , and a lack of good tools.

EU needs to tackle 5G conspiracy theories
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They are actually effecting the technology spread

The European Union needs to come up with a strategy to counter disinformation about 5G technology a group of 15 countries including Poland and Sweden have warned.

Facebook thinks these onions are too sexual
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Blame the French

An error in Facebook's AI system rejected this picture of onions for being "overtly sexual".

Never mind Moore's Law it is all Huang's Law now
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Performance based on AI calculations

The Wall Street Journal has been becoming rather enthused about Huang's Law, named after Nvidia chief executive and co-founder Jensen Huang.

Insilico Medicine AI COVID tool uses Xeons
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Intel helps in COVID-19 research

Industry veteran Alex Zhavoronkov who left the PC industry (ATI and AMD) to start the AI longevity focused Insilico Medicine, has announced AI-powered COVIDomic to power the COVID-19 basic and clinical research.