Apple person arrested for trying to flog its tech to the Chinese
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Would have bought Chinese self-driving car industry to a halt

An Apple employee has been arrested for trying to single handledly bring the Chinese self-driving car industry to a halt, by selling Jobs' Mob technology.

Tesla defies Trump's Chinese stance
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Cars for everyone

The tariffs imposed on US imports of cars caused prices of Tesla vehicles to rise by 20 percent over the weekend in China.

UK wants each new house to have a car charging point
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At last some forward thinking

A new government proposal included in Road to Zero, a report on climate-change related policies, would require all new homes to be fitted with electric car charging points. It follows a commitment made last year by the UK to end sales of new gasoline and diesel cars by 2040.

First flying car goes on show
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So now you can have a flying car stop going on about it... still no word on jetpacks

Later this month, the “world's first flying car production model”, the PAL-V Liberty, will take flight at Farnborough International Airshow, on July 16.

Tesla Model 3 gets self-parking with Summon feature
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Can open/close the garage door

Thanks to an over-the-air software update, Tesla's Model 3 finally got the "Summon" feature which was already available on the Model S and the Model X cars.