Vodafone partners with Ryanair
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Online booking, passenger boarding and in-flight transactions

Vodafone has secured a seven-year technology partnership with Ryanair to handle the airline's online booking, passenger boarding and in-flight transactions.

Tesla sets up factory in Germany
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Snubs UK because of Brexit

Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk said the electric car maker is going to build a new vehicle factory, “Gigafactory 4” in Berlin.

Honda focuses on electric and hybrids
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Pauses hydrogen fuel cell cars

Honda is pressing ahead with electrifying its entire product line but is not interested in hydrogen fuel cell cars.

Dreamliner oxygen may not work
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In the unlikely advent of a cabin depression, you people sitting there, there and there, might choke to death

A Boeing whistleblower claims that the good people at Boeing may have made another short-cut on one of their designs of the 787 Dreamliner that leaves their passengers without oxygen if there is a cabin depressurisation.

SEAT builds electric scooter
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So Italian pedestrians crossing the road can be killed by a silent hoard of students on scooters

Spanish car company SEAT is breaking into the motorcycle market with its own eScooter.