Daimler invests billions in new batteries
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Gearing up for electrification

German luxury carmaker Daimler said it would buy battery cells worth more than 20 billion euros ($22.75 billion) by 2030 as it readies mass production of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Electric planes are ready to fly
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Not just a pie in the sky

Electric planes that can go 621 miles on one charge and replace many of the turboprops and light jets in use are being built now.

Trump wants to kill electric car development
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America must continue polluting the world 

Donald [Prince of Orange] Trump is hoping to derail the move away from polluting petrol cars by removing subsidies on eco-friendly electric cars.

Nvidia signs deal with Chinese electric vehicle startups
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Chinese self-driving cars get Nvidia chips

The company named after a Roman vengeance daemon, Nvidia, has signed separate deals with Chinese electric vehicle startups XPeng Motors, Singulato Motors and SF Motors to develop an autonomous driving technology.

Volkswagen buries the hatchet with Broadcom
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Ends patent lawsuit

Adolf Hitler’s favourite car company Volkswagen has struck a deal with Broadcom ending a billion dollar patent lawsuit.