EU needs to develop battery cells
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German Chancellor says the industry needs leg room

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that the European Union needs to develop its own battery cell production to secure its role in the automotive industry as it shifts to electric mobility.

Waze and Google maps are now on Apple Car
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Take it for a spin

The Apple car platform for iPhone users just got two great navigation alternatives to Apple maps. First, Google released an update for maps for OS 12 users and now Waze has followed.

Tesla nicked using a smartphone
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It is a doddle if you don't want to charge your car ever again

The security of the Tesla Model 3 has been called into question after one was stolen from a Mall of America in Minnesota using just a mobile app and a smartphone.

Buy while you drive with Audi Alexa
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Electric car is absolutely Amazon

Auto manufacturer Audi said it will integrate Amazon's Alexa into its Audi e-tron, a completely electric motor car.

Saudi Arabia invests in Tesla rival
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Now that women are allowed to drive their kids to school

Saudi Arabia has agreed to invest more than $1 billion in Tesla rival Lucid which wants to build a new high performance electric car.