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New iPod's to come very soon

by on03 September 2007

Could be as soon as the 5th

Digitimes is reporting that we might see a slew of new iPod's appearing on the 5th of September. Although no specific models names have slipped out as yet, Digitimes is talking about an iPod video with touchscreen, a new Nano and a new Shuffle.

The new iPod video will aparently get a widescreen display, high storage capacity without a hard drive and Wi-Fi, although we'd take this with a pinch of salt as yet, since there's always a lot of rumours ahead of new product launches from Apple.

The new Nano and Shuffle are both meant to get increased capacities and the Nano is meant to get an iPhone like UI. It's not hard to predict the increased storage sizes, as this happens every time, but we're sceptical about the new UI, as the aparently leaked image of the new Shuffle doesn't give it the appearance of having touch screen controls.

You can find some additional information here

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