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Powercolor shows new HD 4770's at Computex

by on04 June 2009


Computex 2009: Passively cooled HD 4770 SCS3

Powercolor had a lot to show at this year's Computex, and W1zzard from Techpowerup scored some interesting pictures. The two new cards are named HD 4770 SCS3 and HD 4770 PCS, and as you've probably guessed, the first one is completely silent.

The HD 4770 is a part of Powercolor's famous SCS3 lineup of passive cooled cards and this one has a rather large heatsink that covers most of the card. The heatsink is a bit taller than the card itself and has dual heatpipes. As far as we could see from the pictures the heatsink also covers the memory.

We guess that the new HD 4770 SCS3 card will work at reference clocks, due to the fact that it has a passive cooler.

The second card, named HD 4770 PCS, is part of Powercolor's non-reference cooled PCS lineup, and it uses an Arctic Cooling cooler that we have seen earlier when Powercolor and Arctic Cooling announced their partnership. Unfortunately, this card is not overclocked but we guess that the temperature and noise levels are at least lower than on the reference card.

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