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Wireless USB chip released

by on08 March 2007

IMedia is to blame

A start up has released a iMedia compliant dual mode wireless USB and Bluetooth chip. Artimi says that its A-150 USB chip has a media-access controller (MAC) and programmable applications processor.  The chip is designed to help OEMs add WiMedia-based wireless USB and Bluetooth 3.0 communications capabilities to devices.

The dual-mode chip provides up to 480-Mbit/s wireless communications to peripherals.  It adds 60 mill watts of power consumption to handheld devices and this is an acceptable rate.

The A-150 will enter volume production by the end of 2007. Initial unit cost is $15, but the company predicts the price could drop to $5 by 2009 when mass production begins. You can read more here.



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