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Tibbo Technology gets serial ports networking

by on20 September 2007


BASIC is back

Tibbo Technology is a company with an initiative to overcome the limitations imposed by serial devices using traditional TCP/IP and UDP networks.

For example, the device you use in a shop to swipe your credit card, if it uses a serial connection, must then connect directly to a serial port on a PC that can translate the message and via modem send it over the telephone wires to a special receiver on the other end.

What Tibbo have done is create a device which can interface between the serial device and a standard computer network, thus doing away with distance and installation costs usually limiting serial connections.

Not to mention the fact that many PC’s, especially the high-end products, are now being shipped without serial ports at all. Your message, query or alarm signal can thus go out over the World Wide Web to any computer that is also similarly connected if the message is for another serial device.

The website at Tibbo technology has a very interesting flash file that explains very clearly what I’m trying to do in so many words. Take a look here.


Taking things one step further, Tibbo have now come up with a device that not only prolongs the life of your serial devices usability, but can also do whatever you want it to.

Providing you can program in BASIC, as any self respecting coder should, then Tibbo will allow you, via their own windows interface coding program, to create rich web-enabled applications supporting browser-based configurations, direct TCP and UDP communications, email, data storage, etc.

This means that those coders out there who only know BASIC, suddenly have a powerful device that can do just about anything you need it to with regards to serial connections via the web. It is like the ultimate hub for Serial devices. Check out more here.

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