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AMD to launch a range of business CPUs

by on28 January 2008

New packaging

AMD will be launching a new range of CPUs targeting businesses, although there isn't really a lot of news here, as it's the same old stuff in a new box. From what we understand, these processors will come with a better warranty than the consumer parts, but that's it.

It seems like a somewhat feeble attempt from AMD to try to appeal to business users, and we have a feeling it won't be a big hit. AMD is also trying to get the motherboard makers to join in by having some more business-targeted AMD motherboards in their lineup.

Interestingly, AMD doesn't mind if they use AMD or Nvidia chipsets for these motherboards, they just want products in the market.

We're not sure when these processors will launch, but it should be sometime this quarter if the information we've had is right.
Last modified on 29 January 2008
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