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Super Talent announces new PICO USB flash drive

by on07 April 2008


The smallest 8GB USB flash drive


Super Talent has announced its new line of USB flash drives branded Pico. The Pico series will be available in three versions where the smallest one will measure just 31.3 x 12.4 x 3.4mm.

The new drives will simply be branded as Pico-A, Pico-B and Pico-C. The Pico-A has a swivel design and measures 38.7 x 12.4 x 3.9mm. The Pico-A is also water-resistant. The Pico-B has a retractable design, but it lacks water-resistance. The dimensions of the Pico-B are 31.8 x 18.8 x 4.4mm. The smallest one, Pico-C, is water-resistant and rugged. It's the smallest 8GB USB flash drive, at just 31.3 x 12.4 x 3.4mm.

The Pico series will be available in capacities ranging from 1GB to 8GB, with transfer speeds of up to 30MB/s (200x). All of them will also feature chrome casing and are all made using chip-on-board technology which enables Super Talent to squeeze 8GB of storage into those small casings.


Last modified on 08 April 2008
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