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First triple-channel DDR3 kits priced up

by on06 October 2008



Alongside its Core i7 processors and X58 motherboards, OcUK also lists two triple-channel DDR3 memory kits, both from German Cellshock and we can't say that either is exactly what we'd call good value for money.

The 3GB kit, which consists of PC3-15000 or 1,866MHz modules with a latency of 8-8-8-16, will set you back £264.36 (€342/$465), while the 6GB kit with the same specifications goes for a whopping £493.49 (€638/$868). The 3GB kit is made up of three 1GB modules, while the 6GB kit consists of six 1GB modules, not exactly upgrade friendly, then.

On top of this, the modules have a rated Voltage of 1.7 to 2.0V, which is way outside of the Intel specifications and if the modules are actually used with such high Voltages, you could fry the CPU. We're also not sure why anyone would want 1,866MHz modules for the Core i7 when even the best motherboards as of right now are limited to a max overclock of what seems to be 1,333MHz.

What's even worse is that CellShock's own dual-channel kit which consists of a pair of the same modules, ends up which a much lower price per module. Sure, this is only one of many kits we're expecting to see over the next few months, but we're not off to a good start if this is how the memory manufacturers are going to try to milk the Core i7 cow. Hopefully, we'll see some more sensibly priced kits, or maybe it's time to split a dual-channel kit with a mate to get a more reasonable price for the same stuff.

You can find the listings here.

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