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Sequel on tap for Psychonauts?

by on24 October 2007


No one purchased the first one, but critics loved it

rumor mill is in full effect and running wild with news that developer Double Fine might be ready to announce a sequel for Psychonauts. A banner that resembles Psychonauts’ star, “Raz,” with the words “Coming Soon” pasted over it has many in a frenzy.

Tim Schafer, founder of Double Fine, has expressed his desire to do a sequel but, while the game was popular with reviewers, that alone did not translate into sales. Schafer will need to help point Double Fine to reach their goal of selling a boatload of the next title that they release. Only then will Double Fine have the leverage with distributors to get a sequel made. The smash hit that Double Fine could be hoping for might be in their upcoming title, Brutal Legend, which stars Jack Black as a tie-in to the game.

While some have suggested that a Psychonauts banner may be nothing more than an announcement that they are planning a port of the title to the Wii platform, we also discount this suggestion as unlikely. While Double Fine might be in the early planning stages of a Psychonauts sequel, it is more likely something to attract attention, or perhaps publisher interest, in Brutal Legend.

There is nothing better to get a buzz going than to take a title that was popular with reviewers, but did not sell well on store shelves to get all of the hacks talking about it and your company. We have seen this strategy work before, so don’t be surprised if no announcement is forthcoming on a sequel for Psychonauts.

Last modified on 24 October 2007
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